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Avera eCARE Services - Avera eCARE telemedicine supports clinicians with a team of experts ready 24/7/365. We help bring advanced medicine to your community.

  • http://www.averaecare.org/ecare/what-we-do/eicu-care/ eCARE eICU CARE - Avera eICU® CARE™ provides 24/7/365 virtual access to intensivists and continuous monitoring of ICU patients.
  • http://www.averaecare.org/ecare/what-we-do/eemergency/ eEmergency - In emergency situations every second counts. Delivering the right care at the right time can save lives and improve the overall quality of care in your region.
  • http://www.averaecare.org/ecare/what-we-do/epharmacy/ eCARE ePharmacy - Avera eCARE™ ePharmacy provides 24/7 access to licensed and hospital-trained pharmacists to ensure patient safety through medication review and consults.
  • http://www.averaecare.org/ecare/what-we-do/senior-care/ Senior Care - Avera eCARE™ Senior Care offers innovative 24/7 telemedicine programs including Geriatric Services, Long Term Care and Medical Directorship.
  • http://www.averaecare.org/ecare/what-we-do/econsult/ eCARE eConsult - Partner with eConsult and gain access to scheduled medical specialty care through interactive video technology located at your facility.
  • http://www.averaecare.org/ecare/what-we-do/ecorrectional-health/ eCorrectional Health - eCorrectional Health, currently in use at four South Dakota correctional facilities, provides fast, secure & safe access to urgent care for inmates.
  • http://www.averaecare.org/ecare/who-we-serve/ Who We Serve - Avera eCARE partners with health care systems, rural hospitals, long-term care, correctional facilities and outpatient clinics to deliver telemedicine 24/7.
  • http://www.averaecare.org/ecare/who-we-serve/health-care-systems/ Health Care Systems - Because we’re a large, integrated health system, we deal with the same issues you do. We know what works and how to support health systems.
  • http://www.averaecare.org/ecare/who-we-serve/rural-hospitals/ Rural Hospitals - Rural and critical access hospitals deliver health care to underserved and frontier communities. Avera eCARE telemedicine services support those facilities.
  • http://www.averaecare.org/ecare/who-we-serve/long-term-care/ Long Term Care - We support your staff in responding to urgent health issues experienced by your residents and supplement your clinical team in delivering appropriate care.
  • http://www.averaecare.org/ecare/who-we-serve/correctional-facilities/ Correctional Facilities - Avera eCorrectional Health provides fast, secure access to urgent care for inmates at correctional facilities.
  • http://www.averaecare.org/ecare/who-we-serve/outpatient-clinics/ Outpatient Clinics - No matter the size of your medical clinic, you and your patients can benefit from access to specialty visits through Avera eConsult telemedicine services.
  • http://www.averaecare.org/ecare/who-we-serve/emerging-markets/ Emerging Markets - The ongoing eCARE innovation process encourages pilot projects to serve new populations and clinical specialties.
  • http://www.averaecare.org/ecare/who-we-serve/partners-locations/ Partners and Locations - Startup funds from The Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust allowed Avera eCARE to launch comprehensive telehealth services.
  • http://www.averaecare.org/ecare/who-we-are/ Who We Are - At Avera eCARE, the world’s largest and most experienced telemedicine provider, you’ll find the broadest range of telehealth services from a single source.
  • http://www.averaecare.org/ecare/who-we-are/innovation-pilot-projects/ Innovation & Pilot Projects - Explore the Avera eCARE innovation cycle and the diverse pilot projects currently under review or in operation for improving health care delivery.
  • http://www.averaecare.org/ecare/who-we-are/research-publications/ Research & Publications - Review telemedicine research by Avera eCARE to discover how collaboration through interactive technology enhances health care for underserved populations.
  • http://www.averaecare.org/ecare/who-we-are/by-the-numbers/ By the Numbers - See the impact of Avera eCARE on patients and partners receiving key telehealth consultation and services for ICU, emergency, pharmacy, LTC and more.
  • http://www.averaecare.org/ecare/who-we-are/in-the-news/ In the News - Check Avera eCARE in the news to see how we help deliver expert health care to thousands of medically underserved people through our 24/7 telemedicine hub.
  • http://www.averaecare.org/ecare/who-we-are/about-avera-ecare/ About Avera eCARE - Explore Avera eCARE telemedicine services, find out who we serve, meet our leaders and learn more about our 20+ years of experience delivering expert care.
  • http://www.averaecare.org/ecare/who-we-are/careers/ Careers at Avera eCARE - Search career opportunities to join the Avera eCARE team and collaborate with professional colleagues who work with you onsite in our virtual hospital hub.
  • http://www.averaecare.org/ecare/leadingage-annual-meeting-expo/ 2016 LeadingAge Annual Meeting & Expo - Join us at the 2016 LeadingAge Annual Meeting & Expo, Oct 30-Nov. 2, 2016. We offer an innovative model streamlined to save you time and money while improving quality of care.

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