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  • Joanna Renee - I really don't like hair removal creams

    After reading the hilarious reviews from guys who've used this on their more sensitive spots, I was careful to not do that. I set my back door on fire, I'd be wishing to have a snowman with an erection take advantage of me too. I really don't like hair removal creams, but this was excellent the very for time I dehaired. I've maintained it so that I don't need to use the cream again, but I was really impressed at the results. Leaves your skin nice and smooth. I gave the remainder of the tube to a friend who was also impressed and may order some for themselves in the future.

  • Rwilliams - ?? Wait! What?? Starship Troopers is better? No way!!!!

    Don't even bother if you already have low expectations. Poorly produced/ edited and overstocked with enough tropes for six films, this highlights another example of Hollywood attempting to recreate the sense of awe when enjoying the original or the first film which inspired it's sequel. This film moves at such a fast pace that it prevents the secondary characters from the first film and newly introduce characters very little time for development or memorable moments. I for one can enjoy films for their entertainment value (popcorn flick) and their production (script, casting, effects, music, ect.) value & in my opinion this film lacks either. If you're craving an action film involving earthlings that take on an invading army of highly advanced and/or dominating aliens, stick with "Battle: Los Angeles", "Battleship", or even "Starship Troopers". I am so glad that I did not watch this in the theater or purchase this film. I just felt like these decent actors were duped with false promises or lured with an overinflated paycheck. Budget:$165 mil, U.S. Box Office:$103 mil,... need I say more?

  • LaTonya Shaw - Premium Look And Feel

    Decent tablet for the price. Can handle apps and games without any problem. Couple of issue you might not like, the camera is the worst quality I've ever seen and the volume is lacking. The good thing is most people don't use the camera on a tablet so you might not even notice that. Overall it's well worth the money. Has a premium look and feel.

  • kaitlynn - easy read check registers

    Great product. As one person stated, using more registers than checks, so need more on hand! The easy to read or large print is even nicer, especially when I hate to wear my glasses.

  • Amazon Customer - We've used it for many years and glad they update it

    Helps very much when traveling to locate anything we need. We've used it for many years and glad they update it. Wouldn't travel without it.

  • Kblain - Highly recommend for snorers or those with sinus issues!

    Works great for both myself and my husband. Without these he snores like a trucker and so do I. He is still able to snore lightly with them on. I like the nasal strips simply for the great feeling of increased air flow they give me especially when sleeping or when having sinus issues. I have used the off brands and they work ok, but this brand/style in particular is the best I've found.

  • Absolut Amazon - Super Easy!

    I got these for my Son, he has been wanted them since the neighbors got theirs last year. They are so simple, instant decoration! It would be nice if you could change the colors though. I was not paid to write this review; however, I received the product at a discount in exchange for my unbiased, honest review. All statements and opinions are strictly my own and in no way influenced by the seller or the fact that I received the product at a discount. I was given ample time to evaluate the product and under no pressure to review in less time than needed. Based on my experience, with the specific product I have received, I would recommend this product to family and friends. If any information in my initial review changes through the course of time, I intend to update the review to reflect any updates. I hope you found my review helpful and I welcome any questions to further assist.