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  • J. C. Roebuck Jr. - Great drill for around the home use

    My local hardware store had this drill on a special purchase for only 29.99, (drill only without a carry case) so I couldn't resist giving it a try. I have been very pleased with the performance and it seems to have ample power for any around the home project. This drill comes with a Ni-Cad battery, so you need to drain it completely each time to avoid the memory problems Ni-Cads are known for. The battery charges in 3-5 hours and my first charge reaped about one week of moderate use. The variable speed is nice, but I wish they had built in a trigger on lock as well. For the price I paid though, this is a great value.

  • Ebrakespin - To follow the directions correctly I would need 53 bags in my shed to repel mice!!

    It does not repel mice in my 17x25 shed. I would put 6 of these in my shed, one in each corner and two in the middle. I would clean out the mouse droppings before placing these in their areas and when I would come back there would be mouse droppings right around where they were sitting. I did not follow the directions exactly, but I have a good reason.

  • Julie Vogler - Wish I could give it zero stars

    I've been using Quicken for many years and for the most part no problems. But, I just upgraded to 2014 and am so frustrated. It's been crashing, so I found out about the update R2 and hoped that would help. Nope. It is crashing every time I enter a transaction. Sooo, I've sent in more than a dozen error reports this evening. This is ridiculous. What a waste. I will be looking into other finance software if I don't see something dramatic in the next few weeks. In the meantime, I'll be sending in lots of error reports. Yay!

  • drummer593 - bad ass band!

    Metal queen! Lizzy hale is a bad ass rocker! I mean this girl can belt out these songs! Everybody should have this dvd in your collection!

  • Teacher T - Works fine - 1st lasted as long as genuine HP, second 1/4 as long.

    The toner was delivered quite rapidly; important when you're running low. It works fine so far. I'll update with useful life later if it runs short. I'm giving it a preliminary 4 stars. I'll upgrade to 5 (or downgrade) depending on how long it lasts.

  • Scott Myhre - Battery Minder vs. Battery Tender.....

    After reading all of the reviews, I decided to try out this battery minder. I've had a battery tender for my motor home for several years and have been very happy with it but this one offered the de-sulfating mode so I decided to try it out. It blinks, telling me it is supposed to be doing something, but who knows? There is no way of definitively telling if this one is better than the tender is, but for a comparable model the minder was slightly cheaper so I went with it. Others have written that it has revived old batteries but that is not the case with mine so I guess I'll have to wait for a few years to tell. If this one works and lasts as well or better than the battery tender did, I'll be happy. I've given it 5 stars because there is no reason to downgrade it. The shipping was on time, the instructions were detailed and it worked right out of the box so for now I'm good with it.