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  • ClarkB - Provides a ton of added support when lifting and bending.

    My husband does a lot of heavy lifting at work. He has a pretty healthy back but I always worry that one wrong lift and that could all change. I personally have the worlds worst back so I live in constant fear of throwing my back out. Anyway, I wanted to give him a back brace to use on especially strenuous days at work and after a lot of research this lumbar back support brace was the one I chose. I like the style of the waist component because it allows for a lot of extra support with the added waist cinching straps. I'm not so sure that the suspenders are necessary. My husband finds that when they are too tight it causes the brace to ride up. He has told me that the brace provides him added support when he is bending and lifting items at the same time. He is very thankful that I purchased it for him. I was provided a discounted sample to review and share my unbiased opinion, I am not affiliated with this company or compensated in any way. I am just a regular Amazon customer who shops a lot on Amazon and enjoys sharing my experiences with others so that they can make an informative buying decision.

  • lizzy moe - Fast Shipping

    Fast shipping! This product doesnt make you go to the bathroom like other products do and thats why I love it. Great product to have on hand if you feel like having a cheat meal.

  • REINA - like a trimmer

    Your product FINISHING TOUCH YES HAIR REMOVER_is falsely advertised. It doesn't REMOVE hair it cuts it....like a trimmer.... I have stubble .....

  • Douglas J Jarus - This is what a Les Paul is supposed to be

    I have the Iced Tea burst finish which, to me, looks very similar as to what is pictured here. I bought my Les Paul in 2009 and the Traditional was one of the only models at that time that was not chambered (i.e. the body is a solid block of wood). The 57 pickups are amazing and when combined with the nice solid body give you a great warm tone. The only modification that I have made to my Les Paul is to have a bone nut installed and the tuners changed. The bone nut helps keep the strings from binding and add to the tone a little. The tuners probably could have stayed after I changed the nut, but they make some very good "aged" locking tuners (I used Grover) to give the guitar a nice vintage look. I can not emphasize enough how important the PLEK system is to giving you an absolutely perfect fret dress and straight neck. I have all of my gigging guitars plecked by Joe Glaser in Nashville, and afterwards you can drop the action down to about nothing. It makes the guitar very, very playable without any buzzing at all. I know that most guitarists feel that the days of getting a decent instrument out of a major manufacturer are long past, but I have to say that I would not trade my Les Paul Traditional for a "vintage" model unless it was to sell it and then use the money to buy another Traditional and a private jet to get to the gigs faster.

  • mkinla - horrible STENCH

    We have used Pampers Swaddlers diapers since my baby was born. We used sizes P-S, then 0, then 1, and then 2, and had no problems at all. In fact, we thought Pampers compared favorably to other brands we tried. When the time came to order size 3, we of course purchased Pampers Swaddlers once again.