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The Anxiety Support Network - Getting better one step at a time. - Social Anxiety Disorder is a paralyzing condition, but the Anxiety Support Network can help you overcome the devastating effects of this condition in your life.

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  • Gian - The label looked like it was printed on a home printer and product ...

    I believe this could be a fake non-working product. The label looked like it was printed on a home printer and product failed.

  • Amazon Customer - AWESOMEEEEE!!!!

    I absolutely LOVE this product. Yes, I am a distributor. I signed up for cheaper products not knowing I could have just signed up to be a loyal customer for the same discount and no monthly fee to have a website lol. But, since I paid for all this stuff I figured I could try the distributor thing for awhile.

  • Prado - I lost 15 pounds!

    This product works to me. I Lost around 15 pounds in 1.5 months... It taste good and you don't need add any flavor. Remember go to the gym too ;)

  • Toni K - Made absolutely NO DIFFERENCE on our dog. A big ZERO

    I tried this as well with Douxo's Calm Allergy spray. This too, also did not work for my dog. My dog has been literally suffering for 3 years with horrendous skin issues. Our vet recommended this very highly telling us that "THIS" would do the trick. It did not. This is a "leave on" mousse. You put a generous amount in your palms and rub the dog down. The dog loves it because he gets what amounts to an awesome massage! You get a wet and slimy set of hands that is loaded with wet dog hair. Its gross. And worse, it didn't work. Not one bit of relief for my pup and didn't help his skin get one bit better. We did finally get our pup back to health and that was because we added Dinovite to his diet. Again, I probably shouldn't be touting a totally different product, but the Dinovite is the ONLY thing that has worked. And believe me, we've tried literally everything over the past 3 years. I was so hoping that this Mousse would do it, but in our case, it did not help one iota.

  • VisaliaCalifornia - Real Owner review. Owned for 10months

    Got this for my mother who has 4 cats and a dog. It is amazing how much animal hair it picks up and general dirt. Her house is very clean too. It fills up the on board dump bin every other day with animal hair and I mean it is completely full. I wish could up load of picture of all this hair. The only bad part is you do have to vacum still as the technology is bump and go and you never know where it is going to clean. It does move pretty quick however and can cover alot of area in 1hour but much of it is the same area. When they come out with one with the room mapping tech it will be much better. It doesnt get stuck too often and goes over ruggs without sucking them up. It is easy to clean and it takes about 4mins every 2-3 days. It is a bit noisey so dont think you will use it at night. The battery lasts well over an hour and then it usually finds its dock. If not you pick it up by the pop up handle and set it down near the dock and press power and dock and it goes right in. You can set it to work any or all times and days of the week.

  • Leah - Worked out well. My son likes it.

    We have the Uppababy cruz stroller. My son likes to eat from it and will place his toys on it as well. He gets upset if we remove it from the stroller. I give it four stars because I think this should be included with the stroller, since uppababy cruz does not include a safety bar with stroller. It is overpriced and should not have to be purchased separately.

  • Anamarie S - I liked it so much that I had to get another ...

    This is actually the second one I bought. I liked it so much that I had to get another one to give my brother as a gift.The water flow did not change at all, in fact I think it is better than before. I love how it looks as it matches perfectly. The water tastes better. As any other faucets you buy, let the water run through for a few minutes. The installation process was so easy. I thought it wasn't gonna fit, but once I remove the top of the nozzle off my faucet and the water filter, it fit. It was a no brainer installation. Since, I've had it I haven't notice any leaks or anything. Your faucet still works if you don't want to use the filter for washing dishes. It's so easy to switch. You just turn the knob and it switches right away.