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  • Erika - Defined and moisturized curls

    I just began using Kinky-Curly curling custard and it is AMAZING! It doesn't leave my hair feeling crunchy and dry like gels and one application can last me for a few days if I wear the appropriate cap at night. DO NOT pay 79.99 for this product though! It is much cheaper on the Kinky-Curly website and you can buy it at Whole Foods for about $30USD for the 16 oz. jar. I don't know where Amazon came up with this price, but I hope that's not what you paid for it. I'm really enjoying the product so far.

  • SasprillaGeorge - Might be good for baby nails

    Might be good for baby nails. But doesn't work so well on adults. Husband wanted to try this out for his toenails as he suffers from ingrown nails easily if they are not cut properly and thought this might help. The opening was so narrow he couldn't use it that way. Tried it on his fingernails, and it does work to some degree, but he said it wasn't a very pleasant feeling and it left the nail ragged, not smooth like a clipper would.

  • Kit Cassingham - Easy and Effective

    I used a different product years ago to design our house. Fortunately our builder was able to translate our ideas, as represented by the result of the program, and create floorplans that the engineers could use. We love our house. And now that we are ready to build again we decided to give this a whirl. I love the ease and professional results I get from this program.

  • Chamberpaint - My Own Private Spa Here At Home

    I like a scented room. Not a perfumed one, where you can't stop sneezing, but one that makes you feel mysteriously happy. Aromatherapy can actually do that for you! This diffuser dispenses happiness, I'm not kidding. The colors change, gently glowing from one to another. But if you favor one, simply touch the button and it will linger there for the duration, until you turn it off. When it runs out, the diffuser will turn itself safely off, so you can run it at night without worrying. I just love this silent little gem. If you buy a really good essential oil, the scent it dispenses is pure joy. I'm using lavender with a tiny drop of peppermint at the moment, for my unruly sinus. (It creates a subtle undertone without smelling medicinal.) The lavendar rules softly, urging you to cheer up and face the day. This diffuser is the BEST vehicle for bringing this to your house I've ever found!

  • Natasha - I love this seat

    I feel my really good about putting my baby in this car seat. It is not only super durable and safe; it didn't smell like chemicals when I got it out of the box. Clek seats supposedly have some of the lowest toxin levels in the foam and fabric. It was somewhat easy to put together and install. Watch the install videos on YouTube before installing to save yourself some frustration. I Didn't tell my husband how the latch system works, so upon trying to figure it out without a Manuel he broke the foam padding on the seat cushion in half, but it doesn't compromise the safety of the seat. I love how simple and plain it looks. We bought Ink and its a great color. Not too bright. I would recommend the Fllo to anyone and I would buy it again.

  • Olivia - Wilson Ball

    Overall, this was a great purchase! It looks just like Wilson from the movie, no doubt about that. The only thing that was off about it was the nose- the plastic black part was in the back, but it was still cute. Oh, and it didn't retain air very well. I highly recommend, though! It was worth the price.

  • D. Connally - Good

    I had a hard time deciding to install these over OEM, but the price of OEM was a little steep for two pieces of plastic. These installed really easy, and I think they are better quality and more visually appealing than the OEM flaps. Recommended.