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  • Angelica Weber - This is awesome!

    Love this. Informative, easy to use. Interesting to revisit after the year is done. So glad this is made. I love this!

  • Lighthouse - VERY delicious jerky in a new way!

    What a pleasant surprise! I'm always a fan of trying new foods...and I don't always like them. But beef jerky is a difficult one to dislike. Because this originates in South Africa, you have to expect a slightly different product than the standard American, super-processed fare, with 10+ ingredients. This product only has SIX ingredients, and you can pronounce/be familiar with them all!!!! It is made from 100% grass fed beef (not all grass-fed products are 100% fed from grass, but often are subsidized with grain), and a delicious marinade of spices and vinegar. Due to a health condition, I've had to learn to be more health-conscious and I cannot eat processed/artificial products. So, I was very happy to find this. Not processed and very pure!

  • Amazon Customer - Disappointing "Revised Exam" Edition

    This edition does not accurately represent the content on the new AP chemistry exam. There are numerous examples I will list

  • Danmazon - You will never need anything else ever again

    I was strolling through the bowels of NY Chinatown one day, looking for fresh baby panda feet and Rhino tusk powder for my E.D. Flare up, when I heard this beautiful siren song coming from a sheathed bird cage in an antique shop. I walked in and immediately my ADHD redirected my interest to a shiny metal object flashing its reflective luminance into my peripheral. Like a dancing absinthe fairy seducing me to come hither, and so I turned to look at this enchantress and that's when I saw it. An Official Swiss Army Carbine-Action, 87 implement- 141 function Wenger Display Model 16999 knife. I had to have it! Then I heard my old man's voice say, "Son, It ain't a party till you put some butter on a tater biscuit." Which in no way applies to this situation, Mikey the situation, or any other situation, nor does it make any sense whatsoever. But it rang as fatherly advice nonetheless. So I bartered with the long goateed pipe smoking clerk, Lo Pan, using 3 Knorr Chicken Bouillon cubes, a girl with green eyes, and $1498.00 in two dollar bill denominations for it and I regret nothing. If I paid individually for each of the 141 functions I'd spend more than the national deficit and still wouldn't have the satisfaction of unfolding each tiny, shiny omnidextrous limb with such purpose and intent. It's like a metallic hundredfortyone-o-pus genie granting my every wish with the flip of each little articulating limb. Including such functions as USB underwear heater, an ocarina that calls Epona, formal crocs, time travel at 1x speed, that ninja star from Krull, an ergonomic back scratcher, the Internet in solid form, a bottle of Activia, a sleep number, a goat that sings like Taylor swift, a Russian man talking on a prepaid cell phone, a counterclockwise cork unscrew, hi-speed dubbing, a cue cat barcode scanner, a dropped call, a key to the 9th gate, an advent calendar, that thing you lost, a knife, and much much more.