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  • taminator - not what i expected

    i'm usually on the elliptical at the gym 3-4 times a week. i bought the gazelle for days i can't get to the gym. the infomercials made this machine to be top notch, but i have a few person comments about it:

  • Jennifer Bunnell - If you're looking for an appetite suppressant this might be ...

    If you're looking for an appetite suppressant this might be ok. Otherwise it's a flop. It doesn't do what it promises. You'd lose the same amount of weight without the pills as long as you diet and work out. It's just wishful thinking. Side note, I didn't have high blood pressure before lipozene but I do now. Take warning...

  • avalentine5601 - Great Quality and a lot of fun in small packs

    Great Quality and a lot of fun in small packs. I bought these to give to my nephew for a reward after doing something good. He loves these stickers, it is very clear what each sticker is and they stick well to everything. Everything. My father in law is keeping a couple packs unopened for his card collection but overall these are pretty cool and great to use as a little treasure to pick for a reward. There's quite a bit of variety without a ton of repitition but definitely expect some duplicates. I received a discount for my honest and unbiased review.

  • Bocatrip - Much cheaper than dentist.

    This product keeps my teeth fairly white. I only use it every 4 or 5 months it was much cheaper than what my dentist wanted to sell them for. Some people complain about sensitivity, but I have no problems there. It lasts a long time. Use sparingly and it is worth the investment.

  • Amazon Customer - AMAZING product!

    First let me say, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Pura D'Or hair care products. I have been lucky enough to try several of their products and have been extremely happy with every single one of them!!! When I saw this one I immediately knew I wanted to try it out! When it arrived it came in a big box. The packaging is just lovely! They did a great job there! The product surprised me in that it comes in 8 individual packets rather than a tub. Each small box comes with a shower cap so that you can keep the heat in for that extra nourishing saturation. At first, after only seeing 8 packets I was a little disappointed thinking that I would only get 8 deep masques. However, each packet has lasted me a minimum of 3 uses (I have fine hair that goes just past my shoulders), so I am actually going to get so much more than those 8 masques! I am stoked about that!! Before conditioning I apply their hair loss prevention shampoo then use this on my hair. After washing out my hair is soooo very soft and totally manageable! My hair, normally really frizzy is totally tame and is so easy to style! Not only that, but that style will last into the next day too! That is a miracle for me!! I really can't say enough about this product and all their other products in their line of hair loss prevention hair care. I will continue to use this indefinitely!