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  • Howard Duck - good product

    Rather expensive, but good for my joints which are getting old. I take 1/8 teaspoon of this powder in a milkshake most days. It helps, but I also use Glucosamin-Chondroitin with MSM, both cream and tablets, for rotator shoulder cup and a weak knee joint.

  • Michelle - I Have Small Blackhead Scars From My Teenage Years

    I love the unique method of delivery where you press down on the white top and the product comes out in a measured amount. I found that the amount one press of the top delivers is just enough for my face. However, if you want to apply to your neck or back, you are going to need more than one pump of the top. I believe this product will last a long time since you are given no more than you need at one time. The best thing I like about this delivery system is that you are not constantly having to open and close the jar every time you use it so it is never exposed to the air which could cause the product to lose it's effectiveness or go bad. The consistency of the cream is nice and I have no problem applying my makeup over it at all. It sinks into the skin easily and has a faint pleasant smell.

  • RPaud - Nice little device!

    Although I had little issue getting connected in the cigarette lighter, I quickly figured it out. However, Steve (CEO) was too quick to provide me with the support. Although the mic on the device could be much better, it gets the work done. Its tiny, it connects with my phone pretty easily, charges my phone, I can hear GPS direction through car speakers. Perfect for me!

  • Rebecca West - NOT as pictured!!

    This sheet is blue with brown dots, NOT blue with white dots. I will be sending it back, because it was bought for a white bassinet.

  • Candy - I like it.

    This product is good in removing odors. I bought this one and also urine destroyer, and I have to say that both of them removed the bad smell, so the enzymes work. I use the product on tile, but not on carpet. However, dogs go back after couple of days, therefore it is not a deterrent but smell remover.

  • M. Hadden - Should have been equipped from the factory! High quality!

    This should have come from the factory for our '15 Ram Ecodiesel despite the capless filler necks FCA has been touting. Considering this is a truck, it is likely that dirt and water could get in there. This green-anodized billet aluminum cap has a river o-ring to keep contaminates out of your fuel. Also comes with a rubber tether so you won't lose it when you fill up. Great product!

  • Gabby Girl - very disappointed. The first couple of times I used it

    Very, very disappointed. The first couple of times I used it, I thought it was doing a fair job, but from that point on, it seemed it had no effect at all. I changed batteries a couple of times thinking maybe the others were losing their power, but nothing gave it more power---and the pumice did little if anything after the second time I used it---am stunned that this has gotten good ratings by anyone---. Save your money and buy a 'Crystal Foot File' at Sally's---best tool I have ever used to smooth my feet--it is incredible---just wish I had found it first and save the $35 I spent on something I just have to throw in the garbage. Very disappointed.