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  • Kathy Fruchey - Quality is good, but there's a disappointed 4-year old boy who ...

    Quality is good, but there's a disappointed 4-year old boy who has one shoe that won't light up after less than two months.

  • Ryan C. Mercer - I was skeptical...

    I was very very skeptical upon reading reviews and the simple fact he markets this product on an infomercial... however with my tax return I decided to go ahead and buy this basic 100$ model. I got on it the first day after I put it together... used it for 20 minutes that night then 10 the next morning. By the time I got off work that evening my calves were so incredibly sore (and my calves were nothin to laugh at to begin with (18 inches, muscle not fat)... wow I love this thing... I had to not do any on it for the next 3 days, I used it again last nite for 20, then this morning for 30... I love this thing, it really works, plus I love if you bend forward from the ankles you can work on your upper body. I highly doubt this calorie counter is correct (260ish calories in a half hour?!?!) However I never trust calorie counters on anything as none are acurate do to the simple fact people do burn amounts of energy a bit differently. I LOVE MY GAZELLE!!! BUY ONE!

  • Mark Rhodes - Unanswered questions and lacking references

    I have been a long time GERD victim so I am hopeful that the acid supplementation the author recommends will work for me. However, I have unanswered questions. The author states that acid supplementation can eliminate heartburn in many people that have low acid levels. He does not explain how low stomach acid levels actually causes heartburn. He writes that the culrpit is the LES and not the acid, but he never closes the loop and explains how or if the low acid levels casues the LES to open. To me, this seems like an important part of the picture. My other gripe is that that he has no references for the core of his treatment plan: HCL supplementation. There are scores of references for other topics but none are about taking extra HCL. This leaves me wondering if he is the only proponent of HCL supplementation.

  • judith strasser - Is there a man out there who could survive this?

    I thought I would hate this book, but since my book club chose it, I decided to give it a try. Much to my surprise, it is on my top twenty books ever read. As I consider our 21st century men with their hip clothes, permed and colored hair, lively after shave, and life style of gym to pub to couch for an evening of reality shows, I ask the question: is there one out there who could live through this ordeal?

  • Charles K. Summers - Short stories can give you a novel's worth of enjoyment

    Short stories, by their very definition, have to put the needed parts into only a few pages. This means the possibility of a condensed amount of pleasure in a small amount of time -- and that is what you get with these stories.