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Adult Stem Cell Breakthrough Surgery for Avascular Necrosis of the Hip - One of Dr. Einhorn's specialties is Orthopaedic Adult Stem Cell Surgery for Avascular Necrosis of the Hip. His innovative, safe technique, which has been practiced by only a few doctors nationwide, grows new bone utilizing the patient's own stem cells procured from bone marrow for restoration of function and pathology of hip joints.

  • http://www.adult-stem-cell-hip-surgery.com/about_thomas_a_einhorn.shtml About Thomas A. Einhorn - Thomas A. Einhorn, M.D. is Chairman of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, Biochemistry and Biomedical Engineering at Boston University.
  • http://www.adult-stem-cell-hip-surgery.com/avascular_necrosis.shtml Avascular Necrosis - Avascular necrosis (AVN) of the Hip is a painful condition where the blood supply to the hip bone (femoral head) causes the death of bone tissue, often leading to breaks and subsequent collapse of the bone.
  • http://www.adult-stem-cell-hip-surgery.com/Leading-Orthopaedic-Surgeon-and-Regenerative-Medical-Authority-Dr-Thomas-A-Einhorn-Advances-Adult-Stem-Cell-Therapy-To-Eliminate-Hip-Replacement-Surgery.shtml Leading Orthopaedic Surgeon and Regenerative Medical Authority Dr. Thomas A. Einhorn Advances Adult Stem Cell Therapy To Eliminate Hip Replacement Surgery - Leading Orthopaedic Surgeon and acclaimed Regenerative Medical Authority Dr. Thomas A. Einhorn Advances Safe and Successful Adult Stem Cell Therapy To Eliminate Hip Replacement Surgery in Patients 60 and under who have Avascular Necrosis

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  • Jestifex - An All Natural Energy/Pump Booster With Quick Results! However, Energy/Pump Is Short Lived And Product Is Way Overpriced!

    1. Look/Design: I really like the professional design of the product. It has an all natural ingredient formula and has precise directions for use. The expiration date can be clearly found on the bottom of the bottle. "1.00 STARS!"

  • yukon007 - 2012 highlander cross bars

    Worked great. After reading previous reviews figured out taking off the back covers on the car in a few seconds using the provided plastic stick. Cross bars work fine and half the price of toyota. Transported a ladder on them the other day without issue

  • Jeff Ablers - Goood Stuff !

    I purchased this Product after the rains in California and used it on our North side of the Stucco House. The house at that time was 15 years old and had only been hosed down but never got rid of anything that was already GROWN IN THE STUCCO. Fallowing the direction and a good scrub with a long handled Scrub Brush fallowed by hosing it down until the suds where gone.... it came clean. Now it is a year later, we had most of our rain and I see no sign of Algae forming...IF it did I know now how to correct the problem.

  • Dane - Arrived on time and work just fine

    Well, skeptical about 85 bucks for 2 chairs that normally retail for 100 apiece. But fear not, these chairs are built sturdy and will last years. i actually ordered an extra 100 feet of shock cord from Amazon for $10 to double the cord around the butts and backs of the chairs to last longer. I also ordered a $10 side table that mount up for each. The pillows are great, elastic keeps them in place, and you can easily mount an adjustable personal umbrella to keep ya from getting burned when your camping or fishing! If these chairs could grab you a cold beer and bbq brats, they would be the chair of the Gods.

  • cBetz - It's all relative!

    With spare, predictable vocabulary this little book makes a BIG point. Children as young as four should be able to learn that although we are alike in being different. Can't wait to read more by this author.

  • Richard F. Fragel - Sophisticated Writing Still Lives...

    Very elegant writing tool that feels great and inspires you with every stroke of the pen. It helped remind me that writing is, indeed, becoming a lost art...but not with your Waterman rollerball pen!