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  • reed carefully - Not good even for the cheap price, NO CUSTOMER SUPPORT

    Firstly, The resistive /resistance screen is enough to drive one mad. The screen is unresponsive and where your tap is interpreted may be centimeters from where you tap.

  • avid reader - Great story

    Brockmann is a mastery story teller. This story is very interesting because you see it through the eyes of many different characters. Loved.it.

  • Nancy Wood - AZO tablets diminish bladder sensitivity

    I think I caused my bladder to be extra sensitive by drinking strong decaf tea brewed in the micro-wave. The AZO tablets decrease that sensitivity significantly although not 100%.

  • Dotty Bassett - Not A Good Project To Start when On A Deadline

    Last time I used Michosoft Publisher was in early '90's. It's changed A LOT since then. I was unable to figure out the things I needed/wanted to do. On a timeframe - wasn't good I attempted this while on a time frame. When I have more time to study it, I may like it better. Reserving final judgment until then.

  • C. Jones - Really cleans floors easily!!!

    I got tired of the dirty edges along my walls from using the wet jet mop and pads. I was just moving dirt around and not really picking a bunch up. Turns out I wasn't using the right tool for the job! I had to empty the water bucket a lot the first time I used this.... but now the difference in my floors is AMAZING! No more dirty floor edges to spray and clean up with a paper towel... (ewww!) Now I use this mop, a bucket of water and swish around, scrubbing the edges and the whole floor is clean. It picks up all the dirt, when the water gets dirty, change it out and the job gets easier and easier as you use the mop! Now one bucket of water cleans the whole floor once a week... I have 3 inside dogs and 2 cats.... I even ordered a spare one so I could throw one in the washer while I use the other to never miss a time I want to clean the floors.

  • .oOo. - Avoid If You Manage Immune System Issues

    When I first put the Seresto collar on my cat last November, both she & I experienced marked systemic issues including lethargy paradoxically paired with agitation. I thought it was just a phase & that we just needed to get used to it. This reaction did lessen some in a few days, & then I started experiencing an extremely itchy skin reaction with angry red sores. After 10 days I removed this collar from my cat, but there was already so much of the residue from the collar in my home that I had to deep clean everything she came in contact with to try to get rid of it. The packaging does warn that if you are sensitive to the ingredients of this product (Imidacloprid & Flumethrin) you will become increasingly sensitive to it. Well, I did, & as I started reacting to smaller & smaller amounts, it seemed no amount of deep cleaning was enough to remove it all. I cleaned everything in my house for one month, & ended up having to discard some things like pillows & a mattress that the "dust" released by this collar got into that I could never completely wash out. The collar is designed to last 8 months & so its chemical residue is extremely sticky & it seems to want to cling to everything, including the sponges, mop, wash rags, & sink basins I used to clean it up, making it extremely hard to completely get rid of compared to normal household dirt.

  • Kimberly B. - Great quality

    Awesome quality plates, we use these for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They hold up perfectly for all foods!