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  • Yunarky Hernandez - Vicks who????

    Ever since I tried this I will never try another Vicks product! This has such a great scent and works so well. Highly recommend any parents with sick babies. This really does its magic at night for my son and daughter when they are sick.

  • Randy Castro - Feels cheap

    Bought this as a best man gift and was not satisfied with the appearance. It has the correctly listed dimensions but looks and feels cheap in person. Needless to say, I am not gifting this to my best man.

  • Amazon Customer - if the instructions included had been a little better.

    FYI larger sized single/DIN radios will actually fit, but, there is an insert that you have to pop out that I only found after trying to Dremel the opening wider - the instructions aren't that comprehensive and don't mention it that I noticed (probably just another function of the low cost). I would have rated it a 5 for the low price and the fact that it just simply works, if the instructions included had been a little better.

  • Nick S - Great lantern

    This thing is SO bright, I don't even know where to begin. I didn't really believe that something so lightweight (even with batteries in) could be so bright, but it definitely can. I could see it light up the room, even with all our lights on. I love that the handle can be moved based on how you want to carry it, although I do wish that the handle was a little easier to switch. Other than that though, I have no complaints.

  • Mili - Best?!

    This is one of the best water conditioners to use in your fish tank. However be aware that you may get some false readings...especially if you overdose. It's not harmful to overdose, but if you do, you WILL get false readings - usually higher nitrite reading then normal.

  • Strat Rojo - Maybe once I'm able to install it...

    Installation is a bother if one already has a standalone product from a previous version (like Outlook 2010) installed. Many gyrations with the online chat support and they couldn't get an email to me containing the link for the standalone upgrade. So...got a phone call from 'support' and communication was so poor (international line, hard to understand through accent, constantly put on hold) that it was decided that another email would be sent and if said email was not verified within an hour, I would be getting a call back. No call back. As I have somewhat of a life and things to do, I had to be on my way, leaving the newly-purchased (and non-returnable) download of Office 2016 uninstalled. Hopefully, later in the week I will have the time to try to slog through 'support' once again to complete the install. Wish me luck.

  • Lisa - All kinds of sexiness in Italy!

    YESSSSSS!!! Guys, R.S. Grey is now OFFICIALLY an auto-buy author for me!!! I’ve read her last few books when they released, and I loved every. single. one. of. them! Major score!!! I love finding authors that somehow totally get me and know how to write what I like to read. R.S. Grey, well, she TOTALLY gets me. :)