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  • Jason - make sure you get the license plate lights that thread into the license plate holes they are very easy to wire up as well

    Very very solid and heavy duty bumper it is a chore to pick up solo. I put it on myself in about three hours. make sure you get the license plate lights that thread into the license plate holes they are very easy to wire up as well.

  • Krista L. Seiden - Great guide for tackling the GMAT

    I ordered this book in order to study for the GMAT. It served it's purpose well. The book outlines each of the different sections and question types on the GMAT and gives concrete examples and guidance for how to dissect the question type and successfully tease out the answer. It also does a good job of highlighting the most important aspects, allowing you to spend your precious study time on the hardest and most common question types. I'd recommend this book to anyone prepping for the GMAT.

  • J. H. Smith - Perfect Study Guide

    My wife, who is not a technical person at all, used this book to effortlessly get her Ham Radio Technicians license. I highly recommend this book for anyone studying for the Ham Radio Technician test.

  • Julie Blain - best investment!

    I won't be sitting for the exam for another 18 mos but wanted to get started on learning the style of the NCLEX exam. I would recommend this book for anyone at university, nursing or not! Since I began using the techniques taught in the book my exam scores in all my courses, even STATISTICAL MATHS have improved as this book shows you how to break down the question to answer it correctly. It emphasizes eliminating the WRONG answers and all you are left with are correct ones . This is one of the best investments I've ever made in my education...my 3.9 GPA proves it!

  • fulloseet - good set to have

    15 bags, that's less then $2 a bag. (1) 35" x 48" Jumbo Size Seal Storage Space Saver Bags, (3) 26.5" x 39.5" XL Space Saver Bags, (4) 21.5" x 33.5" Large Vacuum Bags, (4) 18" x 22.5" Medium Size Space Saver Bags, (2) 18" x 22.5" Suitcase Medium Travel Roll Up Garment Bag, (1) 13.5" x 19.5" Suitcase Small Travel Roll Up Bag. I had blankets and cold weather clothing stored in bins. I decided to place them in the bags and see if I could save some space. I did save a little space and I don't have to worry about spills or dirt getting into them. The bags were heavy plastic with two seals (like a zip lock freezer bag) on the top. Then it has a slide to make sure the seals are sealed. You place the items in the bags and being careful so that nothing is caught in the seals at the top, you get some of the air out. Yes like freezer bags. You run the slide across twice or more if you are like me. On the side of the bag there is a blue valve with a lid. you twist off the lid and under it is the valve. you twist on the pump (which is included with the bags, see picture) and pump. This where getting the extra air out before you seal helps. The bag shrinks up with the air being sucked out and so it compresses the items in them. I did get a discount for trying this, and giving a honest review. I did have a small cut on one bag, and it took a couple of times filling it up then checking on it a few mins later and see that air had gotten back into the bag. The pump can be tiring but was surprisingly easy. So I just took a break after sucking the air out of one bag, before I went to the next.

  • Amos - Bad batteries and bad customer service

    Bought a brand new robot. Charged it for 16 hours, and it ran for about 10 minutes then died. So, we tried charging it again. When it indicated that it was charged, ran it again. It lasted for about 10 minutes. Called iRobot for assistance. They told me I needed to replace the battery--$69.99. To their credit, they offered me a 15% discount though. Thanks guys.

  • Entomos - hard for a kid to build

    Very difficult for a young child to make. Even older kids will have trouble with the very fine and delicate wires.