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  • Michael D. - Great Unit...

    Great Item works as advertised. I've had it for a few months now and have had no problems. It has protected my home entertainment center many times over the past few months. I live in South FL. and had many short power outages and brown outs due to some work FPL was doing. This unit was powerful enough to protect a 50 inch plasma, PS4, Sony Home Theater Receiver, Xfinity Modem, Asus Router, and Xfinity Cable Box. It can power all these devices non-stop for 12 minutes. Pretty impressive. The outages I experienced only lasted a few seconds to 3 minutes. I would definitely recommend this UPS to anyone with similar short outages and power fluctuations.

  • Sally Crapanzano - Thieves is awesome!!!

    A friend of mine suggested I try this product when H1N1 was in our schools. Her mom used it for many years and swore it worked. I have now been using it for a year and will use nothing else when my child is sick. As soon as a sniffle or cough starts I use a wide paint brush and "paint" the bottom of her feet with it, then put on her cotton socks. The next day she is 100% better. I also babysit for a 6 year old boy who comes to me sometimes sick, as soon as he walks in the door I put it on his feet. The next day his mom tells me he is feeling so much better. So this is enough for me. IT REALLY WORKS.

  • Glenn - I like it.

    Nothing takes away my appetite completely but this comes pretty close. I take it like an earlier reviewer - in a shot glass followed by a drink. It does seem to tamp down my appetite. Nothing short of a prescription will get rid of it entirely, but the product is as good as any appetite suppressant out there.

  • jcar - no table of contents!

    I love this version of the bible but there is no table of contents which makes the bible laborious to maneuver through. Please fix this problem!

  • DeLane Miller - installation was no problem-highly recommend

    2nd I had ordered for 2nd TV, arrival time was very swift, installation was no problem-highly recommend

  • Janine D. Waldbaum - HORRIBLE

    I've been a QB customer since 1998. I've upgraded several times and had been successfully using version 2008 Pro. I decided it was time to upgrade to 2016 Pro since I was planning on upgrading my OS to Windows 10 and had heard it was not compatible with my older QB version. I've had nothing but problems with the QB Pro 2016 since installing it in May of this year. I've spent countless hours trying to resolve glitches. As I mentioned he ONLY reason I upgraded (from my 2008 version) was in preparation of upgrading to Windows 10. Just last week -I was on the phone for hours with Level 2 tech support. I had been experiencing intermittent issues with the program which have never been resolved. In addition, I had also been unable to obtain QB updates (I would receive an error message). She went through my system and determined that there was no problem with my company files. She assisted in getting the most recent updates. The most recent update also created a requirement for me to have a password (which I didn't have or want before). So I created a password. I've been using the program --with my new password since that day. Yesterday I upgraded my system to Windows 10. I did create a backup for my company files before doing so.

  • Kindle Customer - Takes time

    I have purchased this product, 2 weeks ago and have followed the exact instructions. 2 pills 30 mins before a meal. Although at first you feel bloated it subsides. I have already seen a 5 lb. loss. I did not read any reviews until today and was surprised that some have not really given it a chance.