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  • yelkcub - Positively Life-changing!

    If you're willing to make the commitment, it will be life changing and you will be glad you did it! I have lost 55 lbs and counting!

  • Madison - Go for it

    I had a crazy important job interview coming up, and I did not find out it was going to be a hair drug test until 1 week before the test. I read so many reviews, and I even bought an ebook about some study to pass a drug test. I smoked at least 3 days a week for at least 5 months prior to the test. Everything said the only way to pass, was to beach and dye my hair once a day for 6 days. I have thick brown hair down to the small of my back and it's relatively healthy... So no way was I destroying my hair for a job, no matter how much I wanted or needed it. I bought 3 boxes of Zydot because of this thickness and length of my hair.. And I'm happy to say it worked!!! I washed my hair an hour before the test, went there with it wet. I did each step for a half hour, and really scrubbed my roots. And the thing is, it didn't really hurt my hair like I was expecting, it was just a little dry. I can't guarentee that it will work for you, but it did work for me. I wasn't going to post a review, but after the hard time I had choosing a product, reading reviews I wasn't sure I could trust... I decided to post one. Good luck!

  • Sally - The math section in this was horrible and nothing like the exam at all

    The biology and chemistry sections were a little limited with information, even though I scored an 80th percentile on each of those sections. I also studied from the Princeton Review and I found their chemistry a little more clear than Kaplan's review. The math section in this was horrible and nothing like the exam at all. The actual PCAT was about 10-15% similar on the math section, so I recommend using other materials to study for the Quantitative Abilities section. Overall, it was slightly helpful on all the other sections, but don't waste your time studying this book alone!

  • Kathleen Diberardinis - Great sound with no cords

    These ear buds fit perfect and sound great. I love having no cords. The sound quality is amazing and they stay in your ears. Great price, too.