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  • apcomans - So Yummy!!

    This product is so tasty!!! I have tried several meal replacement shakes in the past and this is by far the best one. It curves my appetite so that I am not snacking through the day and provides a great amount of nutrients and protein. I am a very picky person when it comes to the way things taste and this is great. Almost like having a milkshake without the guilt! Add in some ice cubes and a spoonful of all natural peanut butter and it taste just like the Oreo Peanut butter shakes from Sonic. I will continue to buy this product.

  • Gayle - Hair feel so soft and smooth!!!!

    I have damaged hair from high lighting it, the sun, straight ironing daily, and now menopause. The ends break off extremely easy and my hair has basically stopped growing. I ordered and received this deep conditioning 5-in-1 hair mask by Keeva Organics in two days thanks to being an Amazon Prime member. Upon opening the jar I am pleased with the nice fragrance. I applied the mast after washing and allowed to soak in for 15 minutes. When rinsing out I noticed how silky by hair already felt. After blow drying my hair was very soft and smooth. I didn't have to use the straight iron for nearly as long and my hair stayed straight and frizz free all day. I am very pleased with how my hair feels and would not hesitate to recommend to my family and friends!!!

  • Patrice Taylor - It didn't work for my husband

    I bought this for my husband after talking to a guy on my job. He swares by it. My husband is almost finshed with the bottle. At first he saw a difference, he wasn't as tired as before but after a few weeks even that wore off. I asked my husband does he want me to buy it again and his response was no.

  • R. Fischi - It keeps my most used wrenches organized

    I think it is a bargain, I lay it opened up on the floor so that I can quickly locate the desired wrench. I like having metric and English wrenches close to each other. They look durable, but I haven't used them long enough to fully evaluate them.

  • Pamela G. Downing - Use with Anti-fungal tea tree oil soap

    Used in conjunction with the anti-fungal soap with tea tree oil is very effective. I was finally able to clear up my ringworm caught from one of my students. Use the soap three times a day on the infection. Dry it and apply this oil on the infected area. It takes several weeks to even a few months, gradually bring down the usage of the oil to once a day then just use the soap for a while once the infection disappears. Prescription pills did not work for me but using this oil with the soap did! There are different fungus types so this may not work for everyone but for me I give it 5 stars!

  • Mike Abrams - We are on call 24/7 every year, time is short, basic payroll helps get the job done.

    First item basic payroll was damaged in the shipping process and returned to shipper by the shipping company. Support immediately shipped a replacement package to me and was delivered to my front door on time. As far as using the product, I will not be using it for at least another week. Activating the product was quick and simple. I've been using basic payroll for five years, it makes the task simpler. We are on call 24/7 for five months every year, time is short, basic payroll helps get the job done.

  • nursing student - Crudely constructed

    This was required for my pharm class, when I got it, I was amazed how poorly made it was; the font does not look good and if you erase the card the ink comes off! I could have created a much better design, and made it look so much better.