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  • Roy A. - Great Stuff

    My advice is to get this stuff through a person who sells it - I get all 3 blends and it costs me $60 a month. Conflicting research? Not hardly. The wikipedia site is very biased against Juice Plus - I know because I looked up all the studies. Believe me, the research is there to support it being beneficial by doing things such as boosting the immune system and reducing oxidative stress - and these findings have all been duplicated in randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled trials - and ladies and gentlemen, you can't do much better than that.

  • Amazon Customer - Big house, little machine, great job

    We just moved into our new 3500 sqft home and purchased this as a house warming gift to ourselves. The whole house is hardwood and tile with rugs scattered around. The Roomba does a great job at maintaining the majority of the first floor on a daily basis. We wake up every morning to freshly vacuumed floors. I break the first floor into two sections - one the gets lots of traffic and one the gets less - with the two virtual walls. Most days the Roomba does the high traffic areas. Every few days I put it in the low traffic area to maintain that.

  • Linda - Too much money for one use.

    This product worked the first time, but the sanding surface wears off and you have to buy new cartridges each time. So not worth it.

  • Amazon Customer - Much more than a toy, Cozmo is a companion. Setup needs a little work but the experience is worth the effort! Super happy!!

    Cozmo successfully suspends my disbelief that he is a living creature. He's a fun and feisty little guy who wanders around my desk while I work. His highly emotive eyes, behaviors, and sounds kind of makes him a real-life Wall-E or R2D2. He is definitely much more than a toy. I honestly believe we're witnessing the birth of a new type of robo-critter. You don't need to pay attention to him all the time. He entertains himself, which entertains me when I notice. :)