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WKU Public Radio | The Public Radio Service of Western Kentucky University - The public radio service of Western Kentucky University. National, international, and regional news from NPR, BBC, and our own news team. Plus a variety

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  • http://wkyufm.org/topic/lost-river-sessions Lost River Sessions | WKU Public Radio - Lost River Sessions is a series of musical performances recorded live in various venues around South Central Kentucky. The bands are from the world of
  • http://wkyufm.org/short-features Short Features | WKU Public Radio - Ninety seconds isn't a ton of time, but it's long enough to tell a story or bring an interesting fact to life. Throughout the day, WKU Public
  • http://wkyufm.org/about-us About Us | WKU Public Radio - Credit WKU Public Radio For more than 35 years, the Public Radio Service of Western Kentucky
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  • http://wkyufm.org/code-editorial-integrity Code of Editorial Integrity | WKU Public Radio - The following is a copy of the official Code of Editorial Integrity that covers both WKU Public Radio and WKU PBS.
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  • http://wkyufm.org/post/wku-public-radio-diversity-statement WKU Public Radio Diversity Statement | WKU Public Radio - WKU Public Radio seeks to serve our increasingly diverse coverage area with high-quality public radio programming, both on air and online, that reflects
  • http://wkyufm.org/wku-public-radio-governance WKU Public Radio Governance | WKU Public Radio - The governing body of Western Kentucky University, and WKU Public Radio, is an 11 member Board of Regents. Eight of the members are appointed by the
  • http://wkyufm.org/events Events | WKU Public Radio - Our Events page is designed to be a great resource for the entire region.  It's a place to learn more about what's happening all across our

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  • jim m. - you will like it so buy it

    A couple weeks ago I was having major driver problems do to an iTune update. Which I was not alone. I tried everything I new along with my computer geek and solved some of the issues at a non refundable expense.

  • Edwin McGruder - Faulty software and no follow-up as promise

    The softwared loaded correctly - then crashed as I was entering my data .....I retried several time..and crashed at the same place each time - so I reloaded up and tried it again..and same results...Spend hours on the phone just tryin to reach Support...Only to hear there is no fix...and would be contacting me with in 3 business days...Well - I never got that call..

  • Hawk6 - Great, Quiet Treadmill, Easy Assembly

    This is our family's first treadmill. We've had it for a couple weeks and have only run 20 or so miles on it so far.

  • Violinmaster - titebond glue

    I used this glue to attach two different violin fingerboards back to the neck of their instruments. It worked great.

  • T. Hyatt - Does the job well/tip for Comcast users

    Out of nowhere, I was having excruciatingly slow internet speed on Comcast. The Comcast tech advised that my Motorola SB 4100 was at the "end of life" and that I should upgrade. Skeptical, I purchased this modem which is a DOCSIS 3.0 (and backwards compatible) modem. It worked. I went from a 2mbps download speed to over 17mbps. What a difference. There was one installation glitch that you need to be aware of. When you hook up the modem (connect the coax cable, connect the ethernet cable, and plug it in, that's it), and then try to get online, it will direct you to a Comcast self-activation screen (no other site is available). After entering my account number and phone number and hitting the "next" button, I got a blank screen, and nothing happens. So I called Comcast and they said that usually happens if you are doing an upgrade; it mostly works only for a new service connection. However, it is a simple matter to give the tech your MAC address and the serial number. After about 5 minutes, while he stayed on the line, it came alive, no problem. BUT, here's the thing: the serial number they need is the CUSTOMER serial number. This is only found on the bottom of the Motorola box the modem came in. This is different from the "S/N" serial number that is on the label that is on the instruction sheet and on the bottom of the modem itself. The customer S/N has letters in it; the regular S/N has only numbers in it and is too long. My first Comcast tech didn't know that and it took a day to sort it out. Other than that, it works well with my iMac and Apple Airport Extreme Base wireless router. Enjoy