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  • B. Huff - Great Workout - worth buying a heavier duty model

    Just less than a year ago I started using the Edge 3 to 5 times a week anywhere between 20 to 40 minutes per day. I found it easily got my heart rate up to a great workout level. I credit use of this machine and a slight improvement in eating habits with helping me to drop 40 lbs.


    i get this item with a discount from the seller, and i have to said this is a great natural supplement for use on your memory, it help you to remember old things, and olso helps to stay focus all day long, this is a great way to keep all to do thing on your daily basis function because you wont forget anything, it clears up your memory, so you are in shape memory speaking, recomended

  • Tricia Finney - Shout out to my favorite Author

    I was on edge the whole time and wanting more like always Bella never fails me of this but she certainly got me with that twist in the end where a certain person ended up bad and oh how I wanted nothing more to have read where Violet and Viggo would have ended up had they not been interrupted I love love story twist leaving you wanting more!!! I'm certainly ready for more thank you Bella Forrest again for this wonderful ness of reading you have given me!!!!

  • Ariel - Quixx Scratch Minimizer

    In the event that some psycho keys the absolute hell out of your car, this product is only so-so. When you look closely, it's still really easy to make out what the words are, and there's still quite a bit of indentation. Whoever did it, did it with passion. Some of the really deep spots didn't go away at all, but it's not obvious from 20 feet away anymore. I can see how this probably works really well on superficial scratches, but on something deep.... Ehhhh. Even if I had used a paint pen, like the directions suggest for deep scratches, I still don't think they would have really gone away. For the price, it's worth a try - but when it looks like someone took a knife to your fender, don't expect any miracles.