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  • Catherine Swanson - Oh yeah.. it works

    This isn't meant to last for 12 hours but if you use it for special occasions you will not be disappointed. I LOVE this stuff. Took the bags and dark circles away. Sure, it feels a little tight.. but it works ! Does anyone actually think they will get a facelift in a bottle?? Use a brush to put it on over makeup.

  • Delores Hardin - Great machine.

    This machine is great. It requires very little adjusting to switch from lightweight to heavy fabrics. The controls are easy to see and reach. Threading the machine is quick and easy, too. I make handbags for a non-profit and the machine handles the multiple layers of fabric well. My only complaint is that the lever to lift the presser foot is at the back and is a little harder to reach than the one on my other machine. The power switch is also at the back on the right end. These are not big problems, but took some adjusting for me.

  • Bonstr - I love the taste of this tea

    I love the taste of this tea. I can't say that I have lost any weight using this over the last couple of weeks but I have enjoyed having a nice cup of tea when I've needed to chill out. This is a nice loose leaf tea so you can decide the strength that you like. Like I said, I can't say that I've lost weight but I do enjoy drinking this to chill.

  • George Jones - Three Stars

    Looks good, but not enough range. Also it cut off twice, was fully charged. Has issues, not recommended.