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  • J. B - Still too technical

    Perhaps this book is meant for people who already understand Quickbooks and its features. I did not and this book was way too technical to help me to understand how to use the program. I gave up and resold the book. If you don't already a good understanding of Quickbooks, perhaps look for a Complete Idiots Guide or Dummies Guide first.

  • tiffany - Do not buy! Heavy case!

    First of all I had to pay for shipping a few days after I bought the item then it became free shipping. I was excited to get the item but when I got it I was totally mad because the case is super heavy, bulky, and when I put the case on my phone I noticed that the top of the case was coming off already! I wish I could get a refund for this. DO NOT BUY if you want a slim as light case!!!

  • T. Viau - Nope! It's not going to work!

    Oh well, I gave it the good old college try. I'm in my early 50's and tried one half of my face with this product for 4 weeks and applied nothing on the other side. No difference. No changes. Oh well, on to the next product!

  • TBizzle - This is great for those who want a clean cut without having ...

    This is great for those who want a clean cut without having to use a razor. I use these for balding and line ups for my face. The first few hours of use, these do cut slow due to the motor not broke in. After a few times of use, I can now cut my hair in about 5-7 minutes. Also , I purchased the Andis all in one spray cleanser. That will help keep the blades cutting smooth.

  • sg28262 - The Silk'n is an answer to my prayers! :)

    1st - I research anything I buy (I'm not talking about everyday purchases) like an OCD investigator. I have to read and reread and search some more reviews and prices and problems, etc to the point that I probably know more about the product than the manufacturer...you get my drift?

  • Sharon Falduto - Awesome but kinda NSFW

    I have always loved the "Futurama" calendars, on which nearly every date has a birthday, world holiday celebration, or an anniversary of note. I don't think I'll be able to display this one in my office, though; it is a pin-up calendar and some of the drawings are a bit risque.