°HOTEL VILLA CIPRO LIDO DI VENEZIA 3* (Italy) - from INR 28386 | iBOOKED - Villa Cipro - The classic Villa Cipro offers 20 air-conditioned guest rooms as well as a baggage storage, a safe deposit box and parking. The hotel is set in the central location 3.

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  • Gayle Rajchel - Wrong size threads

    The description for this antenna specifically states it is for an 09 Acadia, however the thread size on the vehicle is a METRIC one (M6 x 1.0). The part I received has two sizes of STANDARD threads. After contacting the seller, CravenSpeed, they resolved this issue politely and promptly. They are sending the part I need free of charge.

  • L. Gault - underachiever

    My son is a brilliant underachiever in HS. Up Your Score ACT was suggested to him by his guidance counselor...about the best thing he recommended this summer. My sometimes-bored, always perceptive kid showed me this underground guide with the remark, "These guys--Arp, Chen, Fish and Swafford--really know what they're talking about and I think this will help boost my College prep score." I second my son's opinion, this is about the best test prep book I've seen and I know part of my son's success will be determined by how much he likes the book and how much of it he will take with him into the ACT test.

  • Anthony Jasso - Terrible, isn't even how I would explain it

    Terrible, isn't even how I would explain it. The cover looked interesting, so I decided to watch it. The acting is horrific! Actors, who are these people, they were bad.. Sorry to say it, don't look at this movie, keep going.

  • John J Spert - Glad to have it.

    The screen has a smooth, slick surface that makes dragging simple. There's no loss of touch sensitivity. Since it's glass, I know that I'll be able to use alcohol wipes safely. (The plastic screen I used to have got slightly "bumpy" from using a wipe.) Between the printed instructions that came in the kit, and the videos on their website, installation was easy. The included suction cup really helped and I appreciated having it.The only thing I'd consider a downside is that I couldn't just lift a corner to remove a speck of dust without the whole thing lifting up. But that's a flaw that comes from its virtues, since the rigidity of the glass makes the installation simple which meant that I had no worries about wrinkles occurring. Overall, I'm glad I bought it to replace what I had.

  • BrookeD - heart health must

    I've ready many good reviews about magnesium for muscle health, but many forget the most important muscle-the heart! Most Americans are magnesium deficient. know what the first thing you get in the ER with a heart attack? Magnesium! I have noticed an improvement in symptoms since taking magnesium (i have a rapid, irregular heart rate and lots of palpitations-or i used to!) Magnesium citrate is more absorbable than the commonly found magnesium oxide. The taste is a bit tangy and citric like, but it tastes pretty good mixed in a bit of juice. Careful on the dosing to avoid laxative effect, though.a

  • Tiffany Goodman - Great

    Watch what you want when you want as long as u have wireless connection. Helps to spend spare time and see a show or movie.

  • Beauty Guru - The best!!

    If you are on the fence about finding a protein shake that works. This is the best!! I have no clue what's in it, that makes it work or what makes it so different than any other protein shake in your local grocery store, but what I will tell you is that I lost 8 pounds in one week. With no diet or any activity. I noticed that my body was losing inches. It also curbed by sugar cravings and glucose levels. The only negative is that it is expensive. But it's well worth every bit of the price. You will see results with just one shake a day and more with two. Hope this review helps.