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  • kRUNK - Perfect, but where is it?

    This is easily my favorite coffee in the world, but I'm really unsure how to find it now that Starbuck's has discontinued it. It was a very popular specialty roast for them, so the decision to drop it must have been a pretty serious one. But surely someone is still picking those beans and roasting them. I'd love to know who, because I would buy six pounds of the stuff right now.

  • David Baldridge - New Smaller Size For Convenience

    It is with the greatest delight that I greet the announcement that Parent Child Testing Product is now available in a more economical 5-pack. Although the per unit price is still a bit steep, saving the shipping costs for the extra 5 or 10 units really helped.

  • T. Wagner - Great Product

    It's expensive, but worth it. I had tried this product once before ordering it again this time. Before I completed this latest order, I read the reviews and noticed a number of negative ones. It astonished me, since my previous experience had been so positive (that's why I ordered it again this time, despite its high price). I have tried every brand; and when used sparingly and as directed, this one beats all, wih no streaks, a true, warm shade of tan, and the least odor of any other brand I have purchased. As far as the price, a little product goes a long way, so one bottle lasts a long time.

  • Aztlan - Don't buy it! It's a waste of time.

    I must admit I purchased two of these EasyCap thinking maybe I could make them work. I installed it on System 7 does NOT work like they say BUT it did not work on my Windows XP either so I was sure it would work on my windows vista old computer which I would dedicate to just monitor the cameras. There it worked for 1 day as a camera monitor, I could see all 4 cameras and very dark views. The cameras looked much better before just being plugged to the TV AV input. The easycap never recorded anything and the day after it would not work. I tried both EasyCaps and none worked so I returned both. If you don't want to waste time like me DON'T BUY IT, get something else.

  • Marion Genelle - Dissatisfied

    Have played gummy drop 4 a number of month's and have lost it all after getting to Japan and then again onto San Francisco. Now it started me over again in Sydney 3 times in a row. Very unhappy with this problem and see reviews from other's who have had same problem. I have now deleted game from my kindle completely, do not want to continue to lost everything after I got so far!!!!

  • Asia - Helped me pass nclex

    Failed nclex 1st time with just using Hurst. Hurst was good for content but didn't help me with critical thinking. I used this book along with other study materials and passed the nclex 2nd attempt.

  • Evan W. - An Average Blu-Ray for an Amazing Season

    For those of us who followed the Penguins from the tumultuous beginning of the season to the peak of exuberance at the end, this movie will come off as incomplete. Not enough time was spent on the beginning of the year, on the immense adversity that the Pens faced (middling team, Crosby in slump of his career, etc.) and it makes the movie feel more about the ending and less about the overall journey (which is something the Penguins 2009 Stanley Cup DVD did amazingly well.