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  • Juanita M Goddard - High Frequency Machine

    The machine arrived on a timely bases. I have been using it daily and am beginning to see a little peach fuzz hair along my hair line. The machine is easy to use and I am hoping to see good results soon.

  • Lisa - 100% satisfaction guaranteed policy only through Thundershirt

    We purchased this product through Amazon and unfortunately it did not work for our dog. She managed to get it off and chew it until she got the velcro off. Clearly she has a higher level of separation anxiety than most dogs. When we tried to return it to Amazon we were told we were just outside the 30 day policy. Upon calling ThunderShirt we were told there is nothing they can do as we bought it through Amazon and not through their company. So much for the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee listed clearly on their packaging as well as their promise to allow returns for 45 days. Consumers should know they do not really mean this unless you purchase it directly through them!! Buyers beware.

  • chilli1 - could be alot better

    The scope is red so its kinda hard to see through and the sencer that comes in this package wont pick up the top edge of the tv. Im assuming if used along with the eye toy it would be alot better. Another thing that really sucks is that its all run on AA batteries. theres x2 in the gun and x2 in the sencer.

  • Matt Anfang - Not nearly as good as all previous albums...

    The songs no longer pull on the heart strings like all of their previous albums. That's too bad, I really enjoyed all of their songs up until this point.

  • GamerMom - Must have shoes!

    I absolutely love these shoes! With a prove range like this, I didn't expect it to be all fire works. But boy, was I wrong! I'm glad I believed the great reviews in here.