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  • Drew - *This Review is for the product itself not the seller*

    Buy these one the website they are only $10 dollars. This is perfect for a Christmas Party with your horrible friends. Also if you buy them on the Cards Against Humanity Website the profits go to charity. SO you actually get to make a difference while being an awful person.

  • john - wow!!!!!!!!!

    i have use this product twice in a one mounth on one mounth off time fraim it work good for me i gain 23 pounds of muscle and kept a lil over half on my post cycle i would recomend this to anyone but keep in mind you must be over 18 and have a healthy body this can be dangres if u are not allready a bodybuilder and work out

  • Nunja Business - Highly recommended for a bargain TV.

    Pretty terrific TV here. The only real con I have seen so far is the glare. If you have a lot of windows or light sources in the room, you will definitely see reflection of them on the screen during darker scenes. However, the pros far outweigh the cons and I am extremely pleased with this purchase so far. The picture is so strikingly clear and distinct, it is almost like seeing a 4K picture. The sound though, is where it really shines for me. The previous TV had to be turned up to 40 or so to be able to understand dialogue, so that when the commercials or action scenes came on, you were blasted out of your seat. This one has a "voice" setting in the sound that really filters it well. The same shows that had to be at 40 on the old TV now are watched at level 10 or 11 and it is crystal clear.

  • Alexander Chang - DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK!

    In addition to the obvious errors, they have subtle errors that just frustrate you. I remember a typo mixing up ethanol and ethanal. They also have errors in the very few practice problems they do offer. You may get a question right even though the answer key said it was wrong. For those of you taking your DAT, don't bother with Kaplan either. I took a look at their DAT book and its exactly the same as the MCAT book with the physics pages ripped out. I was vey disappointed with this product. KAPLAN is a pathetic excuse for a test prep company. They just capitalize on the fact that they are a big name and they know people will buy their books based off of brand recognition

  • Kory A. - Stay in your ears pretty well, unless you're doing heavy cardio

    Stay in your ears pretty well, unless you're doing heavy cardio. Perfect for weight lifting days. The sound is okay. A little better than what you'd expect from a 30 dollar pair of headphones, IMO. For $30 dollars, I'd 10/10 order these again. They also only took about a week to get, not like a month or two.

  • Tonee619 - Effective but be aware

    This was an effective product for me. I was able to drop 11 lbs in 3 weeks using this product prior to vacation. Vacation was another story. That was with healthy diet and exercise. This product makes you forget you are hungry, so please eat to avoid passing out. I had to remind myself to eat to avoid headaches later. Please note that you must up your water consumption while on this product. I live in a desert climate and hydration is very important, but even more so on this product. You will feel it if you do not drink enough water. Also, be careful with additional caffeine intake. I happened to drink coffee one morning (force of habit) after I took a dose of this and I began sweating uncontrollably with rapid heartbeat. I am not usually sensitive to caffeine and I admit it was completely my own fault, just be conscious of your intake.