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Minnesota High Speed Broadband Task Force - High-Speed Internet Access for MN - The Minnesota Ultra High-Speed Broadband Taskforce was formed to study the issues involved in the proposal to provide statewide Internet access by 2015.

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  • Steve Patterson - in good condition. Pipe installation went together with out a ...

    D&D Slip on Exhaust Pipe arrived right on time - shipping container and contents as promised, in good condition. Pipe installation went together with out a hitch, in less than an hour. Combined the "D&D Exhaust" with a new "Cobra Fi2000 PWRPRO EFI" controller and previously installed "Barron's Big Air" Throttle Bodies air intake filtration. The Stratoliner sure runs/sounds sweet now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • K. Vaughan - Sound Sleep

    I was so excited when I received this book in the mail! Having been at two different Longevity Conference seminars that featured products invented by Clint Ober, I am happy to now have research data on earthing to share with family and friends in one book. Inflammation is surely the cause of my father's as-yet-undiagnosable stomach disorders, as well as my mom's fibromyalgia. It makes perfect sense that there is an electrical component to these problems, when inflammation = heat. I, myself have been sleeping soundly on the grounding sheets I bought in March. Such an amazing book!

  • Jumbolax - Lasted less than 1 year

    Purchased last year...worked well for first 8 months or so then the adjustment knob broke and i can no longer adjust the thickness of slices...too much of a pain to return...will just have to try another brand.

  • Alexandra - disappointed

    Oh. I really wanted to love this product because I truly loved a face cream by Skederm, but it did not happen. :-(

  • MPierce - It blew away all my expectations!!!!! At 55 with fine hair....my husband is ecstatic at how it has made my hair look!

    It is beyond amazing!!! At age 55 with fine hair short hair I decided to give it a try. I could not believe just how much it has changed my hair!!!!!! I started using this out of curiosity to see if it would do anything for me at my age.... I actually bought it for my new puppy in March 2015. I was blown away at how amazing it made my hair look and feel. I mean being 55 and for the 1st time in my life my hair is longer, thicker, healthier than ever before in my life. I don't usually post reviews but I know that if it will help me....gosh....how many other women out there will be encouraged. I have been using it daily for 3 months now and my hair is growing like crazy!!!! Ladies, give it a try if you are on the fence or skeptical. It truly does work. I actually have an appointment to get my hair trimmed today!

  • Kiah Swann - Thank you TubShroom!

    I love this thing!!! I tried so many other "hair catchers" but this one is the only one that truly works. I have thick, curly hair and this catches it all. I even shaved my sensitive areas and it caught those short tiny hairs too! I am amazed. I'm telling everyone I know about this. And I love looking at it in the tub. It's cute as a button, literally.

  • karla gonzales - Love The look

    Great 3d color, of all my recent nail color purchases this is my favorite polish, 2 coats are needed !