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  • Samuel M. - Two Thumbs Up!

    All I can say is that it works. I have been struggling with libido issues and also with burning fat and building muscle - keep on mind I lift weights 6 days a week in the evening and do fasted cardio 5-7 days a week in the mornings and eat a very clean diet - so it wasn't like I wasn't working hard in the gym and kitchen. In the first month I was on testro-x my girlfriend took immediate note of my increased sex drive, night and day difference - and my bench press, squat, deadlift, overhead press, and rows all increased weight and reps. I love this product, especially because it is comprised of natural supplements.

  • Printing - Very pleasant and mild tasting

    Given a free trial tube of Sensodyne ProNamel by my dentist, I began using it recently. This Mint Essense flavored toothpaste has a very pleasant and mild taste... not overpowering or "shocking" like most toothpastes I've tried. Also, the product I am using is not gritty at all. (One reviewer noted it's gritty feeling; that person likely purchased a fluke and should contact the manufacturer to make a complaint.) I love this product and am hooked even though it's more expensive than others and even though I haven't used it long enough to see physical results.

  • Amazon Customer - Great Product

    This stuff works great. I've never had something that has worked so well before. It makes you feel so soft. It also works on my husband's dry and calloused hands. It doesn't really smell good, but considering the way it works, I can over look that and just use something on top of it that smells nice.

  • dogmama - What a Nightmare

    Be careful if you order from Murad. Last October I ordered from their site to making sure I did not select in any automatic product shipping. I received the intro package and did not choose to reorder.

  • Mikaele - Fantastic!

    I standup paddle board a lot and needed a good safe place to lock my keys while I am in the water, sometimes for hours. When I saw the Hitch Safe on Amazon, I knew it was perfect! It fit perfectly in my hitch. This is a fantastic idea! The steel from the hitch completely surrounded the safe is ideal and the combination lock make it's use extremely easy. Love the cover that goes over it also. It took only about 2 minutes to install and I've been happy ever since.

  • Brenda Baldwin - Great product

    Amazing product. It would have been nice to hear about this from my doctor. I am diabetic and have kidney issues. My answer in the past has been cranberry juice, but that runs my glucose up. This does the same thing, even better, without sugar issues. Better price than Wal-Mart, delivered to my front door. Could not ask for more! Highly recommend it!

  • C. Panus - Fantastic Tool!

    We purchased this Nasal Vac when the Nosefrida wasn't getting the job done with my 25 weeker. We use a car vac instead of our house vac, because I don't want to risk our big vacuum's motor. It is Amazing! We use saline and this attachment and really get her cleaned out. Because she was on oxygen so long in the hospital, her lungs are damaged and keeping her upper airway cleaned out helps keep us out of the hospital longer when she is sick. The suction is not overpowering, she only fusses a little when we use the Nasal Vac. However, the suction is strong enough that we can put saline in one nostril and suck it out of the other enabling a saline wash.