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  • E. Zuniga - A Disjointed Effort from Michael

    It's been clear for a while now that Michael Buble has been looking out to branch away from the standards that launched his career into his own brand of pop. From his debut to Nobody But Me, Michael's albums have steadily featured more and more on his own pop songs and away from the "safe pop" of Call Me Irresponsible's "Everything." But this exposes a problem that is especially prevalent in Nobody But Me: the standards he continues to do combine with his own pop songs (themselves which have become increasingly exploratory of more genres such as rap) combine to make for an uneven album. It's as if Michael tries to have it both ways - relying on his bread and butter standards, while also really trying branch out into pop. While I reside in the "standards" camp, I can understand Michael in not wanting to limit his career to simply singing other's songs. However, what made his earlier pop songs like "Everything" great was that they seamlessly combined with the rest of the album in a complementary and cohesive effort, in a way that they don't in Nobody But Me.

  • Vimal Raj - worked great on ES7500

    worked great on ES7500. Plugged it in and the smart hub updated in 30 minutes. Did not encounter any problems as mentioned in some of the reviews here.

  • stktrader - Complaints not valid

    I bought Enhanced 2014 here last week for 174.00. I called today to set it up. I have used enhanced for several years since its inception. 3 employees version. Now I have 4 employees so the new system is less expensive than upgrading to unlimited older version. When you call in to set it up,assuming that you have a previous version of enhanced 2013, the attendant will delete the 2013 version and setup the 2014. You have to give a credit card to pay for employee checks beyond the 1st employee as the 1st is free. $2/employee per month plus sales tax. That is why they need your credit card to process that charge. Have the attendant remove you from the annual renewal purchase plan since you most likely buy it here or elsewhere. The overall plan for this year will cost me 266.00 for 4 employees. That is the cost of the program and the cost of 4 employees including all taxes. That is 5.12 per week or 1.28 per week for each employee check. That is very cheap considering all the monthly, quarterly and annual forms are filled out for you with a click of the mouse plus the payroll checks! Now i could save and do it like I used to; manually by hand. lol

  • DEBORAH KEEVER - Lot of liquid in each bottle, Just the right ...

    Lot of liquid in each bottle, Just the right amount. I can tell the difference when I do not use it. Now I make sure that I do not run out.

  • Greifboy - Works great as a computer monitor

    I bought the 40" version of this TV to use as a 4k computer monitor. The resolution and color are fantastic, and it can handle 4k @ 60Hz if you have an HDMI 2.0a output on your computer. If you don't you can get a mini-display to HDMI adapter and it works great. Just make sure you get an adapter that has support for HDMI 2.0a.

  • Lizzie - There are no other car mats that compare!

    We live in upstate NY so of course all winter we have dirt, salt, mud, and snow coming into the vehicle. These mats keep all of that grime in the mat! They are easy to clean and are a must to keep any carpet looking great!

  • Frank - Contains the best long-essay writing (on wonderfully broad topics) of any magazine ...

    Contains the best long-essay writing (on wonderfully broad topics) of any magazine for the generally smart grownup person who is interested in everything. Also the best editing, the best cartoons, best book and movie reviews. For my taste, the fiction and poetry are the sadly disappointing weaknesses, though written by well-established authors. I skip over them with barely a look, though something good occasionally appears. (The magazine used to be stronger in these genres, just as it used to be more assiduously edited---but that's another topic). If you like it, you'll look forward to it every week and read just about the entirety of each issue.