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  • Ilovetoread - Caffeine and convenience!

    This is amazing! As a big fan of all things caffeine I ferlt that I HAD to try these. Guess what, they were great! I have been drinking caffeinated water for over 20 years and have even tried to make my own... which is how I know that these are quite good. Most powdered caffeine I have tried has been bitter and quite noticeable, this has a slightly sweet aftertaste but that is all. The price is much more reasonable than other caffeine enhanced products as is the ease of use. On a 1-10 I give these an 8...would be higher except for the aftertaste. Still love these and will be ordering more!

  • Nana K - Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Shane

    I am thrilled to help spread the word about your new book. Although I have been aware of much of the contents within the book from my own previous research I still didn't know quite where to turn. I am also delighted to find a way to share this information with my family and friends, When this comes direct from "The People's Chemist" it seems to take on a much deeper meaning and respect. I like the way Shane makes it so simple to understand and the solutions are at our fingertips. I'm telling everyone about this book. This book is fun to read and hard to lay down.!!! I've purchased 5 so far and will be purchasing more in the near future. One of my relatives that I gave the book to just "loves the book" and is purchasing for all of her grown adult children! Wow, that says alot!!! How can 'we the people' thank you enough for sharing your great knowledge with us?? We can by using the products and telling everyone we know about them. We definitely NEED more honest people like you. Thanks, Shane, and I do enjoy your website.

  • Dorothy J Gayhart-Kunz - 2012

    One of my favorite future disaster movies. Very well done. Special effects are outstanding. I love it when they are transporting the animals to the arks. Acting is good and you are on the edge of your seat all through the movie. I also like the hope the picture gives in the end. Might be scary for younger children.

  • Ronald Hinton - You need a real joint injury to notice results....

    I am a 100% disabled veteran with spinal fracture and long term joint-lock at the beltline. I drank a dozen cans in less than two weeks. My chiropractor was able to unlock a vertebrae that had not moved for years with a single adjustment. Apparently this product works.