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Country:, Europe, DE

City: 9.491 , Germany

  • Becky Stull - just ok

    it has taken me forever just to get to the second city, Tokyo. Having to play every level so many times is a bit boring and only having 3 lives is frustrating.

  • S. Tomita - Excellent book, better than Barron's

    I bought both the Barron's and the Kaplan for my GRE studies and the Kaplan book was much better. The tactics/methods they use to answer the questions are pretty much similar to any other GRE help book but the sample questions in the Kaplan book are great and similar to the questions on the GRE exam (I took it yesterday.)

  • Bilal El-Jourani - Great Overview about the Dark Net

    I heard it so many times before: you spend two hours a day on the internet, checking and liking posts on Facebook, Instagram etc. and suddenly you see a profile of you that you never created. Everyone can get your Data so easily nowadays. This book showed in an interesting way and great style of writing how to avoid these data traps and stay safe in the world wide web. Also it gives a lots of information about the Dark Net itself which can help you to avoid being one of their Victims.

  • Cherry Fischer - Awesome gun!

    This gun is amazing!! It fires just as far as the larger Nerf guns, and its a lot smaller! I'm very happy with this gun. Although it only holds 3 darts, you can reload as fast as you can stick them in. Most nerf guns have a higher capacity but take a magazine, which takes at least 10 seconds to reload. I like this because I feel I can reload faster than the automatic ones. My hubby and kids have an all out war in my living room and kitchen with this gun. They absolutely love it. I highly recommend it. It is better than all those expensive ones. Buy it you won't regret it!

  • Tyler - Bartender's Choice for Saving Wine

    Great for keeping your wine fresh over time. The pump works well and has a nice audible click when you are finished pumping. The plugs fit easily into wine bottles and the knob on top very easily lets release air back into the bottle for easy pulling. I work as bartender working my way through my Senior Year in college. So when I buy my wine I buy the "economy" sized bottles. I want my wine to last so I can have a glass every couple of nights after work or while studying. This tool allows my wine to stay fresh both at the bar and at my house.

  • Everette B. Orr - I would strongly advise against purchasing Quicken Willmaker Plus 2010

    I strongly advise AGAINST purchasing Quicken Willmaker Plus 2010 because it does NOT allow for a basic and very important OPTION of choosing a PER STIRPES distribution of assets for contingent beneficiaries.

  • Susan D. King - Pretty

    I got this for my granddaughter.. She was a bit overwhelmed with all the presents so the doll didn't get the reaction i thought it would. I'm hoping that she will enjoy it after the newness wears off.