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  • Deborah C. Beno - I scoured the internet only to find term like your skin might "purge" after use

    Okay, so I am not implying that this stuff is not the "miracle cream" that everyone else seems to think it is. I just feel that reviews need to be well rounded to actually work. I have used retinoid products for years. I understand the nuances of slight tingling sensations or mild burning or dryness or flakiness. ALL of those would have been welcomed conditions compared to what I got from this cream! I have never had a blemish in my entire life. After one week of this cream, all of the areas where I had been applying the very small amount as directed, broke out in weird looking sores. Gross but no other way to describe them. I scoured the internet only to find term like your skin might "purge" after use. Believe me, this is not purging…this is outright alergic reaction to something. NOT that I am judging this cream for everyone…just giving others who might fall into my category, a heads up. It is worth noting that I have NEVER had an alergic reaction to any product before. I am not sure what this stuff has in it that my skin hates but I do know that you do not want to experience what I have, if you do not have to! Just be careful. I even backed off and stopped using for days because they advise to do that…nevertheless, the day I started again, BOOM…zombie face…just sayin'!

  • Maurice Fellay - Full security without feelling it.

    I am always looking at new antivirus for my clients since we offer IT outsourcing services for small to medium enterprises and consulting for bigger ones.

  • Mr Mouse - Helps Curb Itch...

    Been using this for years for an allergic itch I get on my feet after any weekend of drinking... I know it sounds weird, but it helps curb the itch for me in my situation, so give it a try for yours - whatever it might be...

  • Teresa Burk - Works as described.

    I purchased this item for my son, who wanted to try shaping his own beard, instead of having to get it shaped at the barbers.

  • Pamela Kopack - Great Price

    Great Value, but instructions never work so always contact McAfee when trying to install as they will give you the correct code. This is 3rd time buying and was a hassle first time because code did not work. Once I found out to contact the company myself and put in, I became a