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  • Jonathan Wesley Greeley - It's a great knife

    I really like this knife because it is a great sized knife. It's very sharp out of the box (dry shaved hairs off my arm), and the case locks completely. The knife is also balanced very well.

  • Amazon Customer - It's A Tight Fit

    Great looking product. You get what you pay for though. The stock grill fits perfectly in place. This was a little tight and almost didn't line up. But it's been about a month know and hasn't fallen off yet!

  • Julia - Dashcam

    I got this for my husband for Christmas. He loves it. So easy to install and use. The video is clearer than I've seen on other dashcams.

  • Mike - Great Wheel Covers

    I ordered these wheel covers after finally deciding to replace the two that were missing from my 2006 Toyota Sienna. They were promptly delivered and securely wrapped. Four beautiful wheel covers were received that exceeded my expectations. For a fraction of the original equipment price, I received four quality made covers that are as good as the originals. They are held in place with several plastic tabs and a metal wire ring. They are a perfect fit for my Sienna and the vehicle looks just as good with this product. Unless you want to pay big bucks for original factory equipment, these covers will certainly satisfy a discriminate Sienna owner.

  • bombsfadeaway - Great game!

    I chose this game over the new Fitness Evolved solely because this is for the Kinect. I've played other Wii fitness games, only to be annoyed or frustrated by having to hold the Wiimote the entire time (and sometimes have it not register things correctly). The Kinect does a good job overall in tracking my movements and giving me the appropriate points. There are a few exercises it struggles with seeing properly, but I'm not entirely certain it's not due to my play space being a bit smaller than usual. Our couch is very heavy, so I can't move it each time I want to play, and a lot of the time end up backed up against it. But overall the game is a good tool for fitness- I burn around 1,000 calories per 90 minute workout, and enjoy the combination of high intensity cardio, weight training and yoga/tai chi.

  • Ryalda - Ditch your wallet!

    I LOVE this case. It is perfect for eliminating a wallet. I really like how this case holds 3 cards. I get so much attention when I travel about how cool my case is by holding my cards. You never will leave home without your wallet with this case. It is fantastic!