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  • Kiki1980 - drama..suspense...intrigue...shocking events

    rcvd ARC for a honest review. we meet hayley, a baker, who is moving home after 3 yrs to start over. her gramma passed away and she was left this house. once hayley returns to willow creek she reminisces about growing up there esp luke and chris barton. hayley (dressed as sexy red riding hood) lost her virginity at halloween to luke (dressed as the fitting) and that was the last time she saw him. hayley cant think about luke as she needa to concentrate on unpacking and startint her baking business. low and behold...hayley runs into luke at the grocery store and he doesnt look like the boy she knew.. luke is shocked to see the one person who he has loved all his life and she looka better than ever. after their reunion, luke tells chris n hayleys bff serena who he saw. needless 2 say they are in shock!! hayley is thinking about her only night with luke when he shows up at her house with friends in tow. she learns that the boys sister was murdered 2 yrs ago and that luke went to jail for her killer's murder eventho he didnt do it. strange things are happening in the small town. serena is found dead the night of the halloween party, again luke is a suspect bc of his past. hayley decides to investigate the death and then receives a death threat herself to stop snooping. on the bright side hayley and luke the way that matters to them both. but will they get their HEA while ppl end up dead and hayley is on the chopping block from the killer?? drama..suspense...intrigue...shocking events lead to a great story!!

  • Violette - GREAT PRODUCT

    I wasn't sure how this product would work. I have tried other cleanses and they never worked. This pill actually works!! I have taken this pill with and without food. It does however, always give me stomach cramps. I don't have that full feeling all the time after eating, due to it cleaning out your system. Since being on this and the Gargincia pills, I have lost 18 lbs so far. My goal is to lost another 15 lbs to be at pre baby weight. I'm also drinking a gallon of water a day and juicing. I highly recommend using this pill and watching what you eat.

  • melissa stromquist - lemon of a bike

    my son bought this bike and had it for 1 month and it is a true lemon for what he paid there shouldnt be any issues the forks on the bike should not have bent the chain should not have broke nor the peddles i would not recommend buying a bike from them again this is the first issue i had with them everything else i bought was ok but till now.

  • R and J May - Complete waste of money and no refund??

    This review will probably be put on the side. First, let me state that this company does not guarantee this product and will not allow me to ship this back....reason....because it's "used"?? How was I to find out about it? Somehow I guess I missed that "small" print. However, with great hopes after watching the tv program I was very anxious to receive it. It did take rather long to arrive. I did exactly, as shown on tv, with only a small amount. Clapping my hands together with a small amount. I then put it in my hair and it "sorta" gave my hair a little texture in spots. Sadly, my hair drooped and the only thing that it was stuck to was my hands?? I tried again the next day hoping it would work but the same results. Flat hair and sticky hands. I am a natural blonde and have short hair so I felt this would work. I immediately had an oily feel to my hair and could not even get a curling iron to work. I am very disappointed to have spent $49+ to receive a product from a company which does not stand behind their product. A reputable company guarantees a refund, if something doesn't work. This is the first time I have ever been denied a refund. I will definitely remember this company.

  • Lizeth Lupercyo - Felt so sick! Don't waste your money!

    For the first four days I was extremely constipated. Finally I got on my more normal track and thought this program was working. I was so wrong! I went out of town and skipped two days between the cleanse and the max phase. I began the max phase and on the first day I felt sick. I thought it was due to the last two days off but the second day I was so nauseous and had a horrible headache. I threw up most of my food that day and immediately stopped taking the products. 5 days later I'm still recovering. Do not recommend.

  • Sergio - Nice and clean easy to install

    They look good, easy to install, light and strong up to 70 Kg of load,I thing it fit in the trunk in case you don't want to use it all the time.

  • bamyers08 - This is a great item!

    This product is absolutely amazing. I did not even know this software existed until I was at a family reunion and one of my family members was showing all of us our family tree on this software. I have always enjoyed history, but never family history and ancestry until I saw and purchased this product. As soon as I got this software, I became hooked on reaseaching my ancestors and documenting as much as I possibly could. I think the free three month subscription to is a great way for people to get into geneology and to find great historical documents involving their ancestors. I love this product and would buy it again in a heart beat!