Blog de tocetmoi - Blog de tocetmoi - - toc toc qui est la? le toc dans la vie d une blogueuse comme les autres .....enfin presque!

  • definition de ce fait par mon experience personnelle - Blog de tocetmoi - etant une "toquee" depuis 11 ans reconnu mais certainement plus avant je dirais que c ets a la fois un don et une malediction comme dirait adrien Monk dans la la serie portant le meme nom attention j en suis pas encore a ce cas tres particulier mes tocs sont la peur de faire mal,la peur de sortir,la peur de la foule,le menage a faire quelque...
  • T.O.C c est quoi? alors d apres l univers medical voici la definition..... - Blog de tocetmoi - Trouble obsessionnel compulsif Un article de Wikipédia, l'encyclopédie libre. Aller à : Navigation, rechercher Trouble obsessionnel-compulsif Classification et ressources externes CIM-10 F42 CIM-9 300.3 Le trouble obsessionnel compulsif (abrégé en TOC) est un trouble anxieux caractérisé par l'apparition récurrente de pensées intrusives liées ou...
  • toc toc qui est la? - Blog de tocetmoi - toc toc pour savoir ou je suis et toc aussi pour definir une maladie contraignate maligne et difficile a gerer et qui est la?vous et moi en simplicitée jour apres jour les progres ou le desespoir de vivre avec une maldie enigmmatique que les gens ont du mal a comprendre alors ca vous dit ? a bientot!

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  • Marty - Very Good but QC Improvements Needed

    I received the product and was very pleased with the overall set. Very good value and nice looking bag and clubs. Two of the clubs, the putter and the 5-hybrid had slight defects (marr on the putter striking surface and small dents on the edge of the 5-hybrid).

  • Melvin Savella - A very good buy!

    I lost my Leatherman Sidekick and thought hard on what would replace it. Having used most often the knife, then the screwdrivers, I decided to buy a pocket knife like the c33Tx.

  • DJ KenDawg - Difficult right out of the box

    With next to no explanation or tutorial, this product is quite difficult to use; especially if you are used to another program. This software is also laborious when it comes to scoring more rare instruments (alto flute, E-Flat Flute, Subcontrabass Clarinet, etc). You can put them on the staff, but then you have to configure their transposition, and that can be a pain, especially when there are other software makers (Sibelius) out there that do include the more rare instrumentation pre-loaded and will even do all of the transposition work for you. I'm returning my copy.

  • Yvonne C - Dr. Ordered

    My doctor gave me a sample of this product to alleviate dry eyes; I've been using it ever since. It's a great dry-eye reliever!

  • Christian F. - Love the Rocksmith product, but it is compromised by Steam.

    I received Rocksmith 2014 last night. The installation process should be straightforward, but I spent too long time waiting for Steam's server to actually connect so I could download the files. Really throws cold water and bias' one's first impression of Rocksmith. I finally got connected by trying every 30 seconds. I knew the connection issue wasn't on my end because I was able to get to other websites during the process. Quite frustrating. It finally connected to the Steam server and downloaded the files. Using Rocksmith is great and I was able to spend an hour or so. Quite fun and I learned a lot in one setting. That said, it is day two and I'm trying to install Rocksmith on my daughter's computer. Same problem. Logged in fine, downloaded some of the files it says I have no connection and I'm troubleshooting. Wow. Too hard. Just contacted Ubisoft by phone and their call center is also down for an hour of maintenance (in the middle of the day).

  • Mark Wilson - Looks nice, performs like crap...

    I bought the stubby antenna to replace the factory antenna on my 2013 Shelby GT500. While the description boasts no loss in signal, I have found that the radio signal is significantly poorer than with the factory antenna. So in summary, this piece looks cool...but does not perform. I'd avoid it unless you live within city limits.