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  • Herman F. East - Works

    Had a small loss of coolant. Figured it was head gasket as I never could see any coolant under the car. Put this in as I haven't had to add any more coolant.

  • Dede O. - Great extra strengthener.

    Great product for a swimmer's hair. The more strengthening the better to keep my daughter's hair in the best condition.

  • Epiphany - Twist outs on my daughter's 4A/4B Type hair

    As the title says, I use this n my daughter's type 4A/B hair for twist outs. I have type 4A hair, and my hair strongly dislikes this product....my daughter's? LOVES it. When I used it in my son's hair there was some flaking. I have notices that this product works best when paired with damp hair only. When the hair is dry or wet it does not work as well and will lead to flaking.

  • BostonChick - Did not work for me at all.

    I read all the reviews very carefully before buying this, so I was ready for side effects and was hoping I'd lose weight like majority of the reviewers. But it did not happen. The first few days before I got to 4 pills/day recommended dosage the side effects were very strong - headache, dizziness, even some panic attacks, but the pill did block the appetite and gave me a strong inflow of energy at the gym. I loved that part. May be it was a placebo effect but I thought I was feeling lighter and started losing weight. But eventually, very soon, the energy spikes were gone completely and so was the feeling of losing weight. I finished the bottle just because... but it didn't do a thing to my body. As a side note, I may not be on a strict diet, but I've been going to the gym every other day, no exception, for 11 months straight, doing both cardio and then about an hour of strength. If these pills intend to work only with strict diet and gym, and you have the will power for both, you certainly won't need the pills. Otherwise, they are not a substitute for one of the two.

  • Steve P - Never a problem

    I am self employed and use H&R Block every year (and when it was Tax Cut). Have been for at least 15 or maybe more years after I stopped using TurboTax. These tax software packages have come a long way from the 90's and considering the complexity of the tax code these days, it's a wonder they are as good as they are. I have to deal with home depreciation and equipment depreciation which would be almost impossible for me to do without H&R Block. This year, as in past years, the compilation of my numbers was the most time consuming part. Once that was done, the generating of my return by H&R Black was quick and easy. One day I will trust the importation of my Quicken register tax categories and be done even faster!