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  • Techhead - Beware the lag bolts!

    As others have stated the lag screws that are provided are cheap and you should save yourself time and frustration before you shear one off while tightening it. I managed to snap 2 of them and with something this heavy you are naturally going to crank on these to ensure they are tight. Do yourself a favor and go buy 4 stainless steel lag bolts. This critical but cheap hardware is the reason it gets only 3 stars

  • Norma jfkrtl - We may as well have stuck to earthlings.

    I would have loved to give a better review because it started out with such an interesting premise. I didn't read any earlier book, so didn't know any back story. It just plain fell flat. The attack on-board the space ship was -- well, I don't know the adjective. Unexpected? Unexplained? Then, we may as well have stuck to earthlings.

  • Scottso - Excellent quality case

    You will never go wrong with UAG products. This one is stylish, impossible to find in bricks and mortar stores but you can get it here, and for cheaper. Fits the 6S Plus like a glove and feels good to hold in the hand. Great selection of colors, including generally colors that stores don't carry.

  • Linda G. Cox - Feels good - energizing!

    I bought this item b/c it is supposed to reduce inflamation in the body. Have been using it a few weeks now - regularly, and I do feel more energized when I use it. It'll probably take a long time to tell if it indeed has benefits re: inflamation. But I do like how it makes me feel.

  • Chad W. - Hands down the best HDMI cable ever purchased.

    This thing is a beast! It's nearly 7/16" thick. The only negative I have is that due to it's thickness, on my one tv, the way in which the HDMI ports are positioned, I really had to work the cable into the port. Length is great though. Now I can have my MacBook resting safely on my nightstand and have the cable routed to it so I can watch media from it while in bed.

  • QueenEBEE - Disappointed In This Product

    I DID NOT like this make up at all. It made my skin tone look orange - I used the lightest shade available because I am fair skinned but it still turned orange on me! It also has a shiny glittery effect on the skin that I hate. I have to agree with some other reviews that it does not cover flaws well either and does not stay on well for lasting coverage. I will stick with my tried and true liquid brand that has pretty much always served me well. I only tried the starter kit because I had heard so much great hype for this product, however, I was greatly disappointed in the performance and look of this make up.

  • Frank - Amazon busted the cable industry.

    Amazon busted the HDMI upcharge market with their AmazonBasics line of HDMI cables. For the longest time retailers took advantage of consumers with the infamous upcharged cables. USB cords cost a manufacturer next to nothing, but would sell for twenty dollars--then came HDTVs and HDMI cords. HDMI cords cost a manufacturer less than three dollars to make, but consumers wouldn't be able to buy them for less than $40.00... which was ridiculous.