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  • William H. - Great HDTV Streaming, easy installation and use, Go Netgear!

    I have always been pleased with the ease of installation and use of Netgear networking products and look forward to years of trouble-free service from my new Orbi installation. Superb HDTV streaming!

  • Big Benny T - Worth a buy

    Not sure I would say this has lived up to the promise of magical unicorn sherbert (look it up) but it certainly helps. I have an ultra high toilet, so i bought the tall version, and it is great. If anything, I think it could stand to be another inch or two taller. I see a lot of people gripe about their being too tall, but I think that they are forgetting that the point of the squatty potty is to get you into a squatting position, so if that position is off of the seat, then so much the better, right?

  • Ethan Lee - Great stroller

    Overall a great stroller for moms and dads. Very light and folds quickly and compact when you need to store it in house or in your car to be light footed to chase down your child as he runs screaming towards the ice cream truck. The shade is the size of a small bus, VERY pragmatic! It blocks out the sun like a astronomical eclipse as predicted by the Mayans. Overall, I'd recommend this to any parent looking to unleash their parental duties by keeping the kids safe and happy in a confident stroller.

  • Paige Turner - Waiting for the movie.

    While I greatly enjoyed 'The 2009-2014 Outlook for Wood Toilet Seats in Greater China', I'm really looking forward to the theatrical release. I can't wait to see how they capture the romance, intrigue, and intense deadlines of toilet seat production. (And PLEASE keep the car chase/traditional wood carving scene! It was AWESOME!)

  • constant reader - A very smart device! It is a little heavy

    This rechargeable power bank really delivers: It charges quickly, retains a charge for weeks, shuts itself off when the device being changed is full. A very smart device! It is a little heavy, but will charge a phone, reader, or tablet several times before needing to be recharged. The fact that it retains its charge is reassuring since when you need a backup it doesn't help if it has lost its charge.

  • Robert - New formula causing bad issues; no warning!!!

    The change in formula has caused problems for our sensitive baby. No warning from Similac about the change in formula, scoop size or can size. It is hard enough to get twin 5-month olds to sleep, let alone get them to sleep when one of them is having horrible reflux and Lord knows what else due to formula. The old formula worked and is now causing issues. I have to start switching to Nutramigen (which my other twin is on, but it causes horrible diarrhea). Horrible, non-existent customer service, Similac.

  • Deirdre A. Sexton - Beware!!!

    I installed this last night. Immediately, I got extra screens. Unsure what was needed for Rabbit TV, I clicked on a few of them. I got a Trojan virus and malware. The creepy part is nowadays it doesn't just ruin your computer. They can see and hear you on your webcam. Some guy with a foreign accent called me three times. The first time he told me I had malware, and he wanted to help me. I hung up and turned off my computer. I am setting it to factory settings now. The device is not worth the risk.