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  • Drug Addiction | The Addiction Advisor - Addiction to drugs can lead to loss of financial resources, loss of support networks, damage to the brain and other organs, and even death. Depending on the
  • Alcohol Addiction | The Addiction Advisor - What is Alcohol Addiction? Alcohol addiction, also known as alcohol dependence, Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD), alcoholism, or substance abuse disorder, is a
  • Prescription Drug Addiction | The Addiction Advisor - Drugs are prescribed for many reasons and most are used by patients in the way they are intended. Some prescription medications, however, cause psychoactive
  • What is Addiction? | The Addiction Advisor - Addiction is defined as a compulsive need for, and use, of a habit-forming substance or behavior. When someone suffers from addiction, they are compelled to
  • Am I An Addict? | The Addiction Advisor - We encounter many challenges throughout the course of our lives. Unfortunately, dealing with an addiction is a particularly difficult challenge that some of us
  • Addiction Treatment and Recovery | The Addiction Advisor - How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve world! - Anne Frank People's life experiences, perspectives, successes
  • A Guide to Understanding Addiction | The Addiction Advisor - How and why does addiction start, what does it look like, how do you identify it, and what should you do if you think you or a loved one has an addiction?
  • Which Addiction Treatment is Right for Me? | The Addiction Advisor - Deciding to get help for an addiction takes courage and choosing the best treatment option may seem intimidating, but it doesn't need to be. With research,
  • Addiction Treatment and Recovery | The Addiction Advisor - Just as there is no magic equation to predict addiction, there is also no perfect formula for successful recovery. Yet, there is room for hope. Change is always
  • Paying for Addiction Treatment: How to Finance Drug or Alcohol Rehab | The Addiction Advisor - Here are some ways to finance addiction treatment or get addiction help if you or your loved one do not have the means. Health Financing - SAMHSA
  • If It's Your First Time in Treatment | The Addiction Advisor - Even when an addict knows they have a problem and want to fix it, it can still be intimidating to check into an addiction treatment center. With no idea what to
  • Stages of Addiction Treatment | The Addiction Advisor - Addiction affects individuals in different ways, but the effects of an unhealthy dependence on drugs, alcohol, or other addictive behaviors, like gambling or
  • Addiction Resources: Find Help | The Addiction Advisor - Addiction resources for addicts and the loved ones of addicts. Resources that will help you address and deal with drug, alcohol, and behavioral addictions.
  • Get Help With Your Addiction | The Addiction Advisor - Feeling alone, hopeless, or worthless because of an addiction? That is most likely because despite the immediate rush of euphoria that they give, drugs, alcohol
  • Helping a Loved One With Addiction | The Addiction Advisor - Helping a loved one with an addiction can prove to be a difficult balancing act. It is not for the faint of heart and requires constant shifting between
  • How Shame Fuels Addiction and How To Stop It | The Addiction Advisor - In many cases the desire to blot out shame with drugs, alcohol or other behavior can be found at the root of addictive behavior. Feelings of shame can also be a
  • Addiction Intervention | The Addiction Advisor - For 73% of the United States population, consuming alcohol responsibly, avoiding illegal drugs, and not abusing prescription drugs, are fairly easy guidelines
  • Is it a Habit, Compulsion, or Addiction? | The Addiction Advisor - The line of distinction between a habit, compulsion, and an addiction is often a blurry one. Because misdiagnosis related to a substance or behavioral addiction
  • Codependency and Co-Addiction | The Addiction Advisor - Loved ones can develop codependent, or co-addictive behaviors in response to an addict, which behaviors increase in complexity and severity over time. What
  • Teen Drug Abuse: Signs, Prevention, and Discussion | The Addiction Advisor - Despite increased awareness of the dangers, teen drug abuse and addiction levels remain at epidemic levels. Here are steps parents can take to help teens.
  • The Addiction Advisor Blog | The Addiction Advisor - Read The Addiction Advisor blog posts. All posts are written by The Addiction Advisor staff and external addiction experts and professionals.

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