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  • PS3Gamer222 - Powerful and Affordable. It's everything gamers asked for.

    Design, Price and Power - IMO ps4 is the best of the current generation consoles. It is the most powerful of the 3 major consoles boasting realistic graphics in 1080p. Multiplatform games shared between Ps4 and Xbox One tend to run better and look slightly better on the ps4. Considering the vast overlap of titles between the big 2 consoles Ps4 is an obvious purchase for gamers who typically play multiplatform titles. The pricepoint is very fair as well. Ps4 launched for 399 dollars compared to Xbox Ones 499 dollar price. A good value considering it is the more powerful console. Design wise Ps4 is sleek and sexy. It is similar in size to Sonys PS3 slim meaning it will fit nicely and look good in most spaces. The system can run a bit hot though in closed spaces. The system uses Blu Ray discs just like Ps3 did. This model came with a 500GB HDD. I felt they could have made it bigger but 500GB was fair for the price.

  • Ibrahim Kasumbi - Callaway 2011 Org 14 Sport Cart Bag (Black/Red)

    In the picture it looked broader and better than what it actually looks like. I bought this one for around $150 which I later felt should be worth no more that $70 to $80 at the most. The fabric and color is okay but you can buy a much better bag for the amount I paid.

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    I laughed out loud when they started the tattoo, I couldn't feel anything at all. It lasted around 2.5-3 hours from the time the tattoo started. I could tell how great it worked because the tattoo ended up going out of the area that I numbed by about an inch and the difference was massive.

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  • E. Wexler - not what I had hoped - but there's a positive update to this review

    I bought this product to do both disk imaging on a Windows 7 machine for disaster recovery and also to do directory and file backups of my own user data if I screwed something up. The disk imaging seems to have worked well; the directory and file level backups did not. I get an error that says "operation failed." Customer service can take a week to respond (and they apologize for the delay). Their first guess was to slow the write speed at which the backup was written. This suggestion didn't work. The process where "operation failed" created an actual file and the second guess is to use a utility they provide to verify the file because even though "operation failed," the backup may be good. It may be, but I'm left with little confidence given that "operation failed." Nobody can tell me how to make operation succeed.