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    LOVE LOVE LOVE THE SMITHS. This is the nostalgic soundtrack that keeps me smiling and reminds me that the beauty in the world always outweighs the vile.

  • Sandee - Like sleeping on a rock

    If it wasn't for my boyfriend loving it, I'd give it 1 star. He loves it, I absolutely hate it. It's way too firm for me! I'm a side sleeper and back sleeper and my middle/upper back kills me in the morning and I haven't had a solI'd night's sleep in three weeks! The reason I know it's the mattress keeping me awake is that when we go north to the cabin, I sleep like I haven't slept in a year and the mattress up there is a lot softer. Last night was another sleepless night and I feel so mad about it, I had to write this review first thing this morning. My boyfriend doesn't want to send it back, so I'm sleeping on the couch, I guess. Sh*t!!!

  • Pittsburgh Bill - Very Eye Opening About Obama

    Very eye opening on why Obama is the way he is. His mother, not his father, had a very leftist view of the world. She asked his grandfather to get him a mentor in Hawaii and it was Frank Marshal Davis - a member of the American Communist Party. His view is one of ant-colonialism which explains everything from giving back the bust of Churchill to his stopping offshore drilling to what is happening in the middle east - even Benghazi. This man is anything but American.

  • Enzo Zamora - Great product, good results.

    My doctor recommended me this product two years ago for my hair loss, and since then I keep using it and recovered all my hair again (I'm also taking some pills for the hairloss). Honestly is the best one I've tried in comparison with the other products who also has minoxidil as its main formula. This is neither greasy nor messy. It actually leaves my hair like I'm not using nothing at all, so I actually can use it every day without worrying.

  • Lisa Ketchum Petty - Quick Books 2013: The Missing Manual

    This book is a NECESSITY!! After purchasing the software program QuickBooks Pro 2013 for $149.99, I was extremely frustrated in trying to find ways to understand the program! Having absolutely no previous accounting background, this program NEEDS guidance!!! The drop down Help Menus in the program MAKE NO SENSE when you haven't any idea what they're talking about. After contacting INTUIT, the manufacturer of QuickBooks, their customer service wouldn't help me UNLESS I PURCHASED A ONE YEAR SERVICE CONTRACT FOR $299.99!! Talk about a company NOT CARING for its customers, INTUIT certainly doesn't! I found online QuickBooks courses ranging from $479.00, to day long courses for $279.00, or one-on-one help for $75/hour from book keepers who wanted to be hired to do your accounting! When I stumbled upon Bonnie Biafore's 'Quick Books 2013 Getting Started' and her 'QuickBooks the Missing Manual' I felt vindicated! I was beginning to think that I was crazy feeling like I didn't have the proper skills to figure out the program on my own!! Nonsense! Everything is easy once you know how to do it, and Bonnie Biofore's Manuals are what you need! For a very small fee ($14.99) I downloaded her Manual onto my Kindle, and have used it to set up 4 companies now! Thank you, Bonnie, for writing this, and helping all the frustrated people like me when software companies are so ready to take our money and leave us hanging with the proper tools to use the program. I want everyone to know that the QuickBooks 2013 is NOT a flawless program, and INTUIT is a company that doesn't really care about its customers. They are in it for the money! Without Bonnie's book, I would have been spending an additional $200 MINIMUM just to figure out where to start with QuickBooks! 'QuickBooks 2013: The Missing Manual' saved my pocketbook, saved my sanity, and made me feel encourged again!