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  • momof3boys - This is the perfect pick-me-up for the Christmas season

    Kindness: it's something I believe in, so the theme of this story is so meaningful on so many levels, especially a book with a Christmas theme.

  • Chaya - After reading all the great reviews, I was really disappointed with what this ...

    I've used Goldwell Color Glow for years, but it doesn't seem to be sold any more, so I started reading reviews to see what the replacement. After reading all the great reviews, I was really disappointed with what this shampoo did to my hair

  • Amz Prime Member - I love that it came with the pump

    This review is for the California Basics Vacuum Space Saver Bags Bundle for Storage (15 Count). I purchased this set because I not only wanted larger storage bags for my blankets and winter clothes, I wanted the smaller sized space saver bags for traveling. This set worked out perfectly for me. I recently went on a cruise. I did not initially put my clothes in the space saver bags. I waited until my return home. I had souveniers and wanted everything to fit. I love that it came with the pump. It is very convenient to have for travel. Using the vacuum is a lot quicker, though, so I would recommend that for home use. Using the vacuum bags on my trip was really awesome. I even had open space in my suitcase left after I was done. They are not only good for just travel, You can use them at home to store more items in a smaller place. I have a few of them stacked in my smaller linen cabinets because they fit better than the larger bags. These bags are made of the thicker plastic bag material so they will not rip or tear. They hold the seal very well and I had no problems with any air getting in. This set is made very well and a better quality than some others I have ordered in the past. I am very happy with my purchase and this product. I received this set of vacuum seal space saver bags at a discounted price to give my honest review and this is my honest review of the California Basics Vacuum Space Saver Bags Bundle for Storage (15 Count).

  • Ken Zavasnik - HORRIBLE!!!

    Don't waste your time with this movie. Some of the worst acting I have ever seen. I made it about 20 minutes into the movie and then looked for something else.

  • Melissa Mccalley - Alpha gpc

    I decided to try this product because when I was 15 I was misdiagnosed with ADHD. I have taken Adderall for 18 years! Adderall started to make me feel numb and I had started to lose my feelings. I was almost like a zombie. Unfortunately when I tried to come off of the Adderall I found I could hardly think by myself anymore. My memory was gone. I was really sluggish and I found it really really hard to even manage daily tasks because I was like my brain had stopped functioning. This product has truly helped me to think clearly and function on my own again! I feel so much more alert and I am finally able to function normally again not to mention I feel so happy and not all zombied out like I did when I was on the Adderall. This is definitely a great product coming from a great company! I am so please I purchased this product as I am normally very picky on what I choose.

  • Mitpig015 - Son has FPIES

    Tough to find a formula that works for a child that has FPIES but this one does. It really does stink, doesn't taste all that good either but my son, now after a couple of tries, sucks it down, but only the liquid formula. He does however spit up a lot more than he ever did but he was only BF until about 7 months.

  • neal Pyle - Good, not great

    Very interesting scenarios and Theories on the antichrist, the verse in revelation that says the beast that is not, but was, and will be is explained with a theory concerning nimrod, thats very intriguing, also some very fascinating end time Theories, that even though they stray from from mainline thought deserve some serious consideration. Thomas horn is one of my favorite authors, so I was a little disappointed in this book,,, although this book was good, it wasn't the caliber book one would expect from Horn, very repedative, and a little redundant..