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Home - TajBaba.com - TajBaba.com is an official website of Taji Order of Hazrat Bawa Tajuddin Aulia Nugpuri ra. under the guidance of Syeedi Rafique, the Khalifa of Tajuddin Baba aka Khalifa-e-Doyum.

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    This may be the album people come back to years from now as the turning point in his ascension to the top. I love hip hop artists who make the music they want to make. This album is not perfect but its a good one. I really enjoyed the storytelling skills he displayed on the song "Wet Dreamz" especially.

  • Alexander Hernandez - Coconut Milk Conditioner Not Good

    I absolutely love the shampoo, but I use a different local organic conditioner since this product does not soften my hair enough either. This conditioner has something in it that does not allow frizzy or curly hair to really soften, maybe the fragrance in it, who knows. But the shampoo is worth every penny.

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  • Reall Reviews Robert - 2 1/2 stars really

    Hard to rate something like this as we just have to go on faith that the software is finding all the deductions it can.

  • S. Thebert - This product is a great as stated

    I obtained very impressive results with this product. It is indeed true that the scent is pleasant. However, after a few hours on your skin, it does begin to have that same self-tanner smell. It is not as pungent as other manufacturer's formulas, though. I highly recommend this and will never go back to using anything else again.

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    These stuff suck big time. I found hair in the bottle which means it was used.one of the bottles was almost empty and there's no directions on how to use the product

  • F. Auer - fantastic

    if you ever had a problem shaving with irritation try this product! Plus the shaving cream lasts a long time (unlike the preshave and after shave)