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  • Moe811 - Melanie and Green's story will keep you at the edge of your seat.

    This series keeps getting better and better. Previous stories have painted Melanie as a loyal friend, but not too bright and a bit promiscuous. Green was depicted as brilliant but with no social skills and less fighting skills than the other I Ops members. Boy were we wrong! This story is full of action, sex, violence, and intrigue. There is a really interesting backstory and one of the most evil villains you will ever read about. The cliffhanger ending will keep you reading this series as long as Ms. Roth continues to write it.

  • Kayle Lewis - Many Uses, can't go wrong!

    I am an 18 year old female who is currently struggling with breakouts due to hormonal imbalances and I have tried many, many products to help with acne and nothing has really been too shockingly great for me. I started cleansing my face with coconut oil a couple months ago and that has helped a little, but I read about tea tree oil and it's numerous beauty and health uses so I decided to try it out. I must say, after breaking out for 2 and a half months pretty bad (or at least I feel like it was pretty bad) I started applying it and within a week or two I started to notice a difference in my skin. A noticeable difference, might I add!!! My skin isn't perfect yet, but it is getting there and I love this product. I will definitely continue to buy it.

  • Jennifer Smith - What a wonderful invention! The stop light portion of this is ...

    What a wonderful invention! The stop light portion of this is the greatest. We looked at others that changed from yellow to green or orange to yellow....but the red light/green light is perfect!! Really helps out son! Especially in Alaska where you can never know the time of day by the sun!

  • JC Lach - Rock Star Seat!

    Who knew I could love a car seat so much? It fits great in the backseat of our car, without my tall husband having to be squished into the sterering wheel. It feels really safe and snug for our 18-month-old. We plan to leave her rear-facing as long as possible for safety reasons, but I've also used it in a pinch as a forward-facing seat for my 4-year-old, and it's easy to adjust.

  • J. Prescott - Great Book For Any Occasion!

    Great Book! If you like all of the little snippets of history thrown into little 1-2 page synopsis, then this is the book for you! Lewis's work is well-researched and always interesting! Highly recommended for lovers of history! Some of the topics he explores seem completely random, but they all tie in in some way or another.

  • Sarah Maynor - Love this stuff

    Love this stuff..if you have thin fine hair, this is wonderful ..My mom is 80 and starts to panic when she gets low..She and I have dark brown hair, use the medium brown color. It's great to use on those double crowns in the back of your head..I use the applicator, very cheap to buy, fits right on top of the bottle, u can aim it and squeeze anywhere you want fullness and to hide your scalp makes the hair appear thicker ..Use it after u dry your hair..don't have to use it again until the next shampoo ..