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City: -80.9091 North Carolina, United States

  • Stanley - I did use it works very good and the tools glue the projects that are very ...

    I have never heard of this product, I did use it works very good and the tools glue the projects that are very small is great, I will buy the product again

  • uglyduckie - Great for smaller babies too!

    We have preemie twins who were too small to sit in the typical wooden restraunt highchairs. We needed something easy to use, convient to carry and would fit them now and in the future. After much research and comparison of competitors chairs we chose this one.

  • W. Sweger - Less effective than our 50-mile leaf antennas until we added a second amplifier; hoped for better amplification.

    We were hoping for better reception with this antenna and it just wasn't to be. We had several 50-mile leaf antennas around the house and I wanted to replace all of them with this antenna. When I set it up and added the amplifier, it was actually less sensitive than the 50-mile leaf antennas (with amplifiers) than we already had. So I added a second amplifier in line with this antenna amplifier, rotated the antenna, and was able to pick up a few more stations in the Charlotte area (we're about 45 miles north of Charlotte). So without the second amplifier in series with this antenna, it was actually worse than the leaf antennas we were already using. Again, we're OK right now, but was not as good as hoped.

  • Betsy Herrmann - Scam!

    I was suckered into buying a complete line if skin care. First, a man came and showed me some products. Then he disappeared and a woman came over and started putting all different kinds of creams and lotions on my face. She showed me their expensive gold line. She kept putting all of this stuff on my face. She said if I bought the magnetic mask, I would get another whole set of skincare for free. I got suckered out of over $2,000! I'm sick! I can't do anything because there are no refunds. If you want to try the products, buy from Smszon where at least you can return items!