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City: 9.491 , Germany

  • Alvin Simmons - it goes loud enough to drown out the background noise

    I have tried and tested a number of different bluetooth headphones and I can safely say these are one of the best in terms of design and quality. The headphones come in a nice branded box and are supplied with a very nice carry case for them, this is a great addition as it allows you to put them in your gym bag and not worry about tangled wires.

  • Brian - I would use this again.

    I took a PMP prep class through my job and this was the reference provided by the instructor's company. I read it cover to cover during the two-week course (in accordance with the syllabus) and listened to the entire CD collection during the course. I used the CDs as a supplement driving to and from work during the course dates. Also listed a second time in the days leading up to the PMP exam. Now the question everyone actually cares about with these reviews. Did I pass the PMP? Yes, on my first attempt. I used this specific Andy Crowe material along with a text by Furman in order to get a second take on PMI's material. The online test bank was very helpful in that it gave insight into how PMI crafts questions and how you need to wrap your mind around the material.

  • Violeta Villacorta - threaded it (by hand since I didn't feel the need to use the threading tool) and it worked beautifully! It works well on all typ

    It took me a while to get to my project and the machine sat in the box it came in for some time. But as soon as I was ready, I turned it on, put the bobbin, threaded it (by hand since I didn't feel the need to use the threading tool) and it worked beautifully! It works well on all types of materials. I am currently working with a fine ahimsa silk fabric and the machine handles it smoothly.

  • Squall - Dejavu Dead Sea Business Practices dishonest

    I was pulled into the store at Tysons Mall in Virginia by an aggressive sales agent offering a free sample and offering to try on my hand. It seemed to work and I purchased the product for $159/with tax. Used it today for the second time and the pump failed. Also offended that the manufacturer offers the same product for $79 on Amazon. Will not purchased again.

  • Natty AKA Picky Polly - Excellent Starter Holo

    I am super pleased with this polish, so pleased that felt compelled to write a review. I'd been looking at a much more expensive holo that had very fussy application instructions and came in a teeny-tiny quantity. I am so glad I picked this Color Club version instead! The application is very easy; I love how fast it dries. I've actually found it applied best with no based coat. Three layers gives you full coverage like you see in the product photo. (One layer is a very pretty addition to a base color.) The texture of the finished nail is VERY rough but a top coat does not diminish the sparkle like with some other holo polishes. It sucks up top coat and I actually apply top coat three times to get a smooth, shiny finish. I have not had trouble with chipping and I'm a work-from-home mom who uses and washes her hands a LOT. Lastly, the color and holo effect is very nice. It's gorgeous in sunlight, pretty in bright artificial light and not very noticeable in dim light. All in all, I'm a big fan!

  • Teri Blount - THRILLED to have found this on Amazon!

    I've paid premium price for too many years to Intuit for their "automatic renewal" service for the same product. As we've minimized our business over the past few years we're down to one employee and the expense for the program was excessive until I found this option on Amazon (thanks to my son!) I'm very happy and will be back for the updates right here rather than purchasing from Intuit in the future.