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  • Amazon Customer - Beautiful Arrangement - But Ghastly Recording

    All these starts given above are for the Arrangement and the show as a whole. The quality of the recording is an absolute horror. Smothered down Highs, Lose bass... This Recording cannot light a candle to anything else done by The Really Useful Theatre group. I don't know who approved this mix and master to go out on production.

  • Jennifer Kaczala - Love it !

    Really good for beginners and gives you options for low impact or if you want to kick it up a notch.

  • ptgus - I would recommend this product as it seems to be working

    I use this as a detangler however also give my daughters hair a spray right before preschool to be on the safe side. I would recommend this product as it seems to be working. We have not had any cases of head lice brought home from school this year so far. I use it on my daughters longer hair and my sons short hair hoping to repel lice.

  • J Price - good starter brew kit

    Used this over Break for my college age son. His first attempts at brewing were very successful. Directions a little misleading about the washer, it is NOT an extra piece and it is NOT missing! Use the pictures. Included kit made 22 bottles of really good beer. Follow up (refill) products are reasonably priced.

  • Randy Smith - Solid product

    I've used Tax Cut (or Block At Home) for the past few years. (I switched away from Turbo Tax when Intuit had their ill-advised anti-piracy copy protection craziness.)

  • Denise L. Waghorn - FINALLY

    Because I broke my ankle several years ago, one heel is constantly dry and cracked. I call it my 'dead foot' - due to the severe break, metal screws and a plate have been permanently installed on that ankle. As a result, the circulation to that foot is lacking and I must walk on that foot differently.

  • lattye2003 - Works very well@

    Works very well.. Less time spent blow-drying my hair. It works well but tends to want to come loose.