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  • John K - Go for it

    I was a little bit tentative about ordering this product because of the lack of verified purchases. Though 1stphorm is a respected name in the industry and I follow Weida (one of their atheletes)

  • Cadence S. - A step up from my previous security software.

    I was a McAfee Internet Security Suite user before converting to Kaspersky. The claims that this program runs on cats feet in the background are not ill founded. Either that or my PC is a beast and wouldn't be affected even if the software was grossly inefficient. I am willing to accept the former as the truth. The protection is pretty solid from what I read in other reviews as well, however I have no way of testing it because I am leery of the idea of seeking out online threats in order to see if I am getting my money's worth in choosing this product. The price can't be beat either, a full year of protection on 3 PCs for what you would pay for it here on Amazon (because I don't know if the price has changed as of the posting of this review) is a pretty sweet deal.

  • Amazon Customer - Hmhh

    As a penguins fan, I'm not sure how to feel about this movie. Following them for the entire season, I don't feel the movie really captured the adversity they faced, and feel like it was just short little highlights of each playoff game, which I've seen about 10 times already live and on YouTube. Maybe it's just because I know more about this team from watching them for so long, so unless they put in every detail and all the cool shots I've seen on Twitter and YouTube and live, I would be disappointed

  • John Fallisgaard - QuickBooks developers: did the MAC developers ever use the PC version?

    OK, I finally figured it was time to upgrade my windows version of QuickBooks 2007; primarily due to numerous integration problems with QB running in a virtual window under Windows 7 on my MacBook Pro (it lost the "network" drive every session; so I was always having to find and reopen the ".QBW" file). And if I could now run QB on the MAC natively; well that would be great!

  • Emily - these lights create a very good ambiance at my garden.

    I love this solar garden lights for the small garden at my home and i m happy with the brightness and performance of these lights. Also made with Nice stainless steel. The brightness is pretty good But not Too Bright and it lasts or around many hours than what i m expected. The light gets switched on automatically soon after the sunset. These lights are easy to install and does not require any maintenance. These lights got wet in the rain on the first day I installed but the lights are still functioning. these lights create a very good ambiance at my garden.