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  • penname - Does not open previously made S&T maps

    If you have spent a lot of time and effort creating maps in previous versions, stick with the previous version! The lack of updated maps is better than completely loosing all of your work. The worst part of it is that they don't even tell you this until you have "Upgraded" and erased your previous version.

  • Loving Wife & Mom - Absolute Must Have with a Baby!!! Regain your sanity during cold & flu season with baby!

    Works as advertised! I was skeptical & even a bit freaked out by the thought of this, but it totally worked, so I am extremely happy with it!! My 2 month old baby had the flu :( & of course came to hate the blue bulb nasal syringes that I had to use on her nose so she could suck/eat and even sleep while needing to breath through her nose. She had an infection & runny nose for well over 2 weeks, it just wasn't going away (she almost ended up on antibiotics). This came in the mail just in time!! I immediately opened it, cleaned it and used it! Only 2 more days of a runny nose and back to peaceful sleep for everyone in the house, (& a happy baby again)! The one down side to this product is that (which isn't really a problem with the product itself, but rather my vacuum. My vacuum has a safety/automatic shut-off function when the suction is impeded, (so the motor won't get burned out). The Baby-Vac significantly impedes the suction of the vacuum, that way it's properly regulated suction, and not too strong on your little ones nose. So I have to keep turning my vacuum off & on, and work very quickly to get a good sinus cleaning done on my baby's nose. The BabyVac works so fast that it's not hard to get it done. I can get both nostrils done in seconds less than 10 seconds per side if I work quickly and carefully. If my hubby is available, I have him turn the vacuum off and on for me really quickly while I suction so my vacuum won't turn itself off while I'm in the middle of the job. The whole job is still SO MUCH EASIER than any other way to clean a baby's nose. If I have to, I'll get a different vacuum to use with this Baby-Vac because IT WORKS SO WELL!!! Totally 5 stars!! I love this!! FYI, I'm a total germafobe, so the Nose Freda type devices totally gross me out! Besides when we knew we had the flu, I still think the idea of sucking baby's buggers with my mouth through a tube, regardless of the fact that there's a filter, could still totally pass germs and it TOTALLY GROSSES ME OUT!

  • Linda - Tinted Bug Reflector

    This is a great product! Came professionally packaged, arrived quickly, and is exactly as described. My husband installed it quickly and easily on his 2013 Jeep Wrangler. It even has "JEEP" laser engraved on the edge. So far at lower speeds it does reflect bugs, not so much at the higher speeds. It does, however, deflect the air flow which seems to be giving a little better gas mileage and also deflects the washer fluid down onto the window instead of over the roof. We recommend this product!

  • Connie Montero - It was just ok

    My kids are ages 3, 4 and 5. None of them were interested in it. Had their attention for about 2 minutes. Wish there was less wording and bigger pictures. I thought it was a good price for the content. Perhaps when the kids get a little older they will appreciate it more.

  • henry - Excellent product ship pretty fast excellent package open it beautiful ...

    Excellent product ship pretty fast excellent package open it beautiful piece of machine very pleased and happy with it excellent buy recommend to buy it.

  • Lucita P. - This just works great and our pet loves it

    This product is worth every penny!!! This just works great and our pet loves it!! I get full support from their customer service when I need it, which is very important. It's a must have. It's good keeping an eye on your furbabies when not at home. Awesome toy!!!

  • Amazon Customer - can't everyone watching this infomercial see that each actor has slimmer arms and therefore lost weight all over...

    I am watching the infomercial right now. How could anyone believe that it would work. Every single "real person and not a paid actor" has noticeably slimmer upper arms and chin/neck area in the after photo. They clearly lost weight through diet and exercise - iit even says that they followed a "moderate diet and exercise program" at the bottom right corner during each testimonial. There is no way to spot reduce fat. Reduced calories and added exercise is the only way to lose weight.