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  • monty - Using Delorme Street Atlas USA

    I have used Delorme street atlas for years and find it to be very good. I have planned a lot of trips, printed them out and took then with me. I made every turn that was printed out. Got there in good time also. I would recommend this to everyone that drives.

  • Cruz Mosley - amazing the vinyl sound quality sucked

    The DVD was.amazing the vinyl sound quality sucked i wish i would have just gotten the dvd because the lp sucked

  • CrushTheTest - Pleasantly surprised.

    I'll do a paragraph for each thing I care about in a calendar (this review is for the big roughly 7.5 by 10 inch size which isn't always available).

  • Amazon Customer - Like it except that I have so many computers that ...

    Like it except that I have so many computers that I have to buy more than one subscription. The consoles can't be combined and customer service can't get the product working properly on my iPhone. But the interface is non-intrusive and dependable and for that I must say--AMAZING.

  • julio perez - what a difference

    i had a ryobi before and it did good but this one its even better starting from the grip it feels well balance.

  • Chimmie's Mom - When you go to have WORD

    What can you say? It's word, it's microsoft what do writers, or business do without it? Having used earlier versions of this software I do believe this is the more practical user friendly version I have purchased multiple copies for multiple lap's as this is good for only one computer! Long gone are the days of multiple license for this product. Still I say the price is the best I have seen offered without another requirement of purchasing a lap, or computer at the same time. The product shipped fast.

  • Kim B. - Better than Salon

    For several years I have opted for salon color and "at-home" color-permant and semi-permanent. eSalon products are as good (IF you have someone more skilled than the average hair stylist/colorist) or better than salon colors as far as getting exactly what you want, the duration it lasts, and the effects on hair health. To get the same bang for the buck I have had to opt for a high-end salons--paying 3 to 4 times the cost as just simply applying this easy process at home. More often than not the stylist has "a suggestion" that leaves me less satisfied than I am with eSalon. As a result, unless eSalon takes a nose-dive in service or catapults prices I am sticking with them!